Universal – Aug 11 2018

Clues Answers
“All My Children” character ERICA
“In ___ We Trust” GOD
“The Godfather” focus MOB
“The King of Queens” role and namesakes SPENCES
A Bobbsey NAN
Allowances for widows DOWERS
Armed with a cavalry sword SABERED
Baha’i’s setting IRAN
Bake eggs SHIRR
Boxing great ALI
Brief evidence PRINT
Brooklyn cager NET
Came down to the playground? SEESAWED
Canal zone? EAR
Cancel, as a launch ABORT
Changeable? No SET
Clever craftiness CUNNINGNESS
Common article THE
Core group CADRE
Cute bounder BUNNYRABBIT
Cuzco native, once INCA
Desert transports DUNEBUGGIES
Earthy crayon shade SIENNA
Emotionless STOIC
Freeloaders in the sink? SPONGES
Geller of mind trickery URI
Grinding tooth MOLAR
Had outright OWNED
Hot dog’s problem? EGO
How some like their eggs SUNNYSIDEUP
Illinois city URBANA
Indian address SRI
Inlaid furniture decorations BOULES
Leather type SUEDE
Like pet birds CAGED
Long-necked instrument SITAR
Man No. 1 ADAM
Clues Answers
Margarine? Not quite OLEO
Matures RIPENS
Member of the crew ROWER
Missile or NFLer TITAN
Moderately dry, with wines SEC
Most prized DEAREST
Mount Kinabalu native MALAYAN
Nebraska city OMAHA
Nevada city RENO
No layabouts, they DOERS
Pipe material BRIAR
Prefix with “graph” AUTO
Prefix with “picker” NIT
Pressurized letters? PSI
Providing plenty of shade ARBORED
Refined men GENTS
Remove errors from text EMEND
Rising trend UPTURN
Savings vehicle IRA
Small guitars? UKES
Sources for synonyms THESAURI
Speedy Australian EMU
Sporting venue ARENA
Stores, as grain ENSILES
Tapped over the shortstop’s head BLOOPED
They’re full of garbage DUMPS
Tidal flood EAGRE
Tiny amounts of work ERGS
Tire pattern TREAD
Took a load off SAT
Tools for skiers POLES
U-turn from “Give up!” TRY
Unevenly notched EROSE
Water cooler? ICE
Where Hank Hill lives ARLEN
___ Bator, Mongolia ULAN
___ King Cole NAT
___ out (barely manages) EKES

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