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Universal – Aug 11 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“I Am ___” (Jenner’s former reality show) CAIT
“Let me get back to you” ILLSEE
“Pretty please?” CANI
“___ making a list …” HES
Antelope seen on safari GNU
Areas of study, and a hint to 17-, 24-, 36- and 53-Across SUBJECTS
Be worthy of EARN
Bedside fixture LAMP
Bird that may be black and yellow ORIOLE
Classic sporty Ford, informally TBIRD
Come down LAND
Core, or meat GIST
Disappearing sea in Asia ARAL
Everyone ALL
Food that might be juggled EGG
Former student, briefly ALUM
Full show letters SRO
Give a ticket to CITE
Gradually exhaust DRAIN
Half a dozen SIX
Insect like a drone BEE
Inverse of addition? REMOVAL
It’s the word, sometimes MUM
Kind of talk on the internet TED
Layered cookie OREO
Like a dirty fireplace ASHY
Like distilled water PURE
More popular HOTTER
Nothing but ONLY
Number not found in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” ONE
Org. that approves toothpaste ADA
Pain relief brand MOTRIN
Pains in the neck PESTS
Peach or beech TREE
Person who may read a book many times EDITOR
Playground taunt ARENOT
Previously AGO
Quote from Homer DOH
Rastafarian deity JAH
Reaches a total of RUNSTO
Real estate developers’ plots TRACTS
Relative of Hindi URDU
School meeting grp PTA
Sent an emoji, say TEXTED
She and her sister married Jacob LEAH
Shower problem MILDEW
Simple place to sleep COT
Single-___ system PAYER
Slightly open AJAR
Sound booster AMP
Spanish cheer OLE
Spun some records DJED
Stomach woe ACHE
Study of “Bodak Yellow” rapper B? CARDIOLOGY
Study of government revenue? TAXONOMY
Study of supermarket conveyances? CARTOGRAPHY
Study of the Punxsutawney groundhog? PHILOSOPHY
Thanksgiving root YAM
That tomcat HIM
The San Diego Chicken, e.g MASCOT
Tony Stark’s beard GOATEE
Toy that isn’t fun in the summer SLED
Trip essential? LSD
TV adjunct, once VCR
Ultimatum word after “or” ELSE
Voice below soprano ALTO
Well-off RICH
What the Equal Rights Amendment combats SEXISM
Word after “physical” or “mental” HEALTH
Writer’s block? CHAPTER
www address URL
Youngster TOT
___ fresca (Mexican drink) AGUA
___ Lilly and Company ELI