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Universal – Aug 12 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Batman” sound effects POWS
“Et tu, ___?” BRUTE
“Pet” bone to pick PEEVE
“Play more!” ENCORE
“We’re live!” sign ONAIR
“Weekend Update” show, briefly SNL
“___ Lisa” MONA
“___! The Witch Is Dead” DINGDONG
Affirm confidently AVER
Any one of the two EITHER
Ate in high style DINED
Attaching, as a patch SEWINGON
Barely managing, with “out” EKING
Be wrong ERR
Beer brand named for a Dutch river AMSTEL
Before, at the start of a word PRE
Beginning of an idea GERM
Blot lightly DABAT
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Candy in a dispenser PEZ
Child such as Oliver Twist WAIF
Classic advice to a young man GOWEST
Comedian ___ Andre ERIC
Crib plaything RATTLE
Danger PERIL
Davenport resident IOWAN
Decorated again REDID
Doesn’t stick up at all LIESFLAT
Eyed through a magnifying glass, perhaps PEEREDAT
Fashion faux pas list DONTS
Firecracker that doesn’t go off DUD
First aid sets KITS
Free-for-all FRACAS
Gem safe, scientifically speaking? JOULEVOLT
Ingrid’s role in “Casablanca” ILSA
Italian city where Galileo lectured PADUA
Itchy skin cause ECZEMA
Jerry’s ex on “Seinfeld” ELAINE
Knelt obsequiously KOWTOWED
Lake touching four states and a province ERIE
Lawyer: Abbr ATT
Like fresh paint WET
Makes, as money MINTS
Masked hockey position GOALIE
Meeting plans AGENDAS
Mind reader’s “gift,” briefly ESP
Moisturizer brand OLAY
More out to lunch SPACIER
Name, in Nantes NOM
Negative responses NOS
Nintendo rival SEGA
Not firm, as a foundation UNSOUND
One of the broody bunch? HEN
Only temporarily, scientifically speaking? KNOTFURLONG
Parking places SPOTS
Question about where the pain is, scientifically speaking? WATTHERTZ
Readied for a drive? TEED
Road hazard POTHOLE
Sch. for Trojans USC
Shankar who mentored George Harrison RAVI
Shouted “Bingo!,” say WON
Similar (to) AKIN
Small denomination SECT
Spicy sausages CHORIZOS
Story about a Greek god, e.g MYTH
Student, at the Sorbonne ELEVE
Tarnish TAINT
Toy dog from China, informally PEKE
Twists and turns, like a road WINDS
Unseen before NEW
Very positive review RAVE
Virginia ___ (folk dance) REEL
Voice actor Blanc MEL
Washer cycle RINSE
Winking Face and Sparkling Heart EMOJIS