Universal – Aug 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“I don’t want to hear another word!” NOTAPEEP
“Kapow!” WHAM
“Let’s go already!” CMON
“Me neither” NORI
“Mystery solved!” AHA
“Pull yourself together!” GETAGRIP
“Sad” color BLUE
“___ No Sunshine” (Bill Withers hit) AINT
2% of some milk FAT
Actress Lindsay LOHAN
Aloe might soothe it BURN
Biblical beasts ASSES
Boston NBA player, briefly CELT
Bring under control TAME
Catherine who portrayed Moira Rose OHARA
Center of a candle WICK
Certain baby GIRL
Charitable donations ALMS
E.T. transports UFOS
Early video game company ATARI
Former Russian ruler TSAR
Fruits from palm trees DATES
Fruits with lots of seeds FIGS
Give off EMIT
Happen OCCUR
Helicopter blade ROTOR
Hit show sign: Abbr SRO
Hogs’ homes STIES
Hole puncher AWL
Horse’s morsel OAT
Important water pipe MAIN
Interest-lowering tactic, for short REFI
Island of Napoleon’s exile ELBA
It may follow “fast” or “false” START
Joint for a door HINGE
Kitties, in poker POTS
Krispy ___ KREME
Lie around LOLL
Look forward to AWAIT
Los Angeles pollution problem SMOG
Lovely example, informally BEAUT
Magnum ___ (great work) OPUS
Mom, dad, sis, bro, etc FAM
Norwegian capital OSLO
Not too much ABIT
Ore deposit LODE
Ottawa’s prov ONT
Pests that fly in clouds GNATS
POTUS who had three VPs FDR
Puts frosting on ICES
Question to someone who could be angry AREYOUMAD
Quick assessment of credibility SMELLTEST
RBI or INT, e.g STAT
Rebounding sound ECHO
Red Muppet ELMO
Rent-a-car option AVIS
Shows bias LEANS
Simply the top ACME
Slimy vegetable OKRA
Snapping reptiles, for short CROCS
Startling state insect of Connecticut EUROPEANMANTIS
Strange people ODDBALLS
Suitable FIT
Surprising state bird of Utah CALIFORNIAGULL
Talk show host Kelly RIPA
The “L” of XXL LARGE
The writing on the wall GRAFFITI
To any extent ATALL
Trolley bell sound CLANG
TV show with the most Emmys SNL
Undetermined, on a schedule: Abbr TBA
Unexpected state marsupial of North Carolina VIRGINIAOPOSSUM
Upscale hotel chain OMNI
Where chimney swifts fly SKY
Without ice NEAT
Word before “rickey” or “rummy” GIN
Yammer GAB

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