Universal – Aug 14 2018

Clues Answers
“And plus …” ALSO
“The Love Boat” character ISAAC
“What ___ is there?” ELSE
“___ goes nothing!” HERE
“___ never believe this!” YOULL
“___we meet again” UNTIL
A of communications ALFA
Acknowledgment of guilt MEACULPA
Art store purchase EASEL
Author Haley ALEX
Author of the macabre POE
Ball dragger CHAIN
Bank of rows TIER
Beats the daylights out of ROUTS
Brilliant think piece IDEA
Brushed leather SUEDE
By the agency of VIA
Cast off, as skin SHED
Chip’s cartoon friend DALE
Choice morsel TIDBIT
Clear a hurdle? LEAP
Common equine HORSE
Common greeting HELLO
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Confounds ADDLES
Continental cash EURO
Fiddler while Rome burned NERO
Flashy rock variety GLAM
Food thickening agent AGAR
Forest clearing GLADE
Foul and evil VILE
Fraternal place LODGE
Goes too fast SPEEDS
Good hand to have UPPER
Have a little something EAT
Honey or sugar DEAR
It has a little bit DRILL
Clues Answers
Legal wrongdoings TORTS
Little litterers? PUPS
Many trees MAPLES
Not busy IDLE
On guard and alert WATCHING
Ones placed on pedestals IDOLS
Open aspirin bottles UNCAP
Pieces of jewelry? CLASPS
Polo Grounds legend Mel OTT
Powerful African creature APE
Quarterback’s option PASS
Reign RULE
Rich rock ORE
Rock from space METEOR
Sand on a golf course TRAP
Section, as of a city AREA
Semi-pro? Not quite ANTI
Sentence VIPs NOUNS
Sidewalk part CURB
Sioux City native IOWAN
Snake variety ADDER
Sound that turns heads PSST
Sports Illustrated cover frequenter ALI
Spur wheel ROWEL
Stocking fabric LISLE
Strong feeling of love ARDOR
Succulent fruit PEAR
The deets INFO
Three chicken types POXCASSEROLELEG
Three chicken types SALADPOTPIEWING
Two chicken types NOODLESOUPTHIGH
Type of spirit TEAM
Units of loudness SONES
Wild turkeys, deer, etc GAME
Wine sediment DREGS
With no backup SOLO
Within reach NEAR
Work units ERGS

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