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Universal – Aug 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Bye-bye,” in Bristol TATA
“Eww, I didn’t need all those details” TMI
“That’s not good!” OHNO
“___ of the d’Urbervilles” TESS
*Anticipate a drink at a dance? WAITFORTHEPUNCH
*External investor? OUTSIDEBACKER
*Manufacture mannequin toppers? MAKEHEADS
4G ___ LTE
Act like a grown-up, in slang ADULT
Bandleader’s “Go!” HITIT
Battery in a toy, often AAA
Bit of light that burns UVRAY
British coins PENCE
Bullet points ITEMS
Chances, as for photos OPS
Clean type of energy SOLAR
Cooling systems, for short ACS
Creative writing degs MFAS
Dance at a luau HULA
Deplete USEUP
Device for taping TV shows DVR
Dial-up pioneer AOL
Drummer Ringo STARR
Egyptian biter ASP
Evidence PROOF
Feathery fish hook, perhaps LURE
Fill fully SATE
Film-rating org.’s longtime name MPAA
Get a perfect score on ACE
Hang on to SAVE
Have the ___ for (find attractive) HOTS
Japanese box lunch BENTO
Kind ILK
Lead, as a meeting CHAIR
Like a certain continental union EUROPEAN
Like cinnamon candy RED
Likelihood ODDS
Money dispenser, for short ATM
Moody music genre EMO
Move furtively SIDLE
Nike competitor FILA
Not required OPTIONAL
Partake of latkes, say EAT
Petro-Canada competitor ESSO
Phishing attempt, e.g SCAM
Place to park LOT
PlayStation thriller game whose title is a girl’s name ERICA
Polynesian Disney protagonist MOANA
Pop star Mars BRUNO
Preceding night EVE
Prod with a finger POKEAT
Pulls along TOWS
Puppy’s sound YIP
Rapper ___ Baby LIL
Ready to deliver a baby DUE
Requests ASKS
Sasha or Malia OBAMA
Scared about AFRAIDOF
Score, as great seats NAB
Scornful look SNEER
Seed found in health foods CHIA
Sis’ sib, maybe BRO
So far YET
Sporty car roof option TTOP
Spot that won’t come out in the laundry POLKADOT
Tapenade ingredient OLIVE
Update, in real estate lingo RENO
Used a keyboard TYPED
What a chicken feels? FEAR
With time to spare EARLY
Word after “blow” or “spin” DRYER
Word before “name” or “food” PET
Write a letter, or a hint to the deletion that formed each starred clue’s answer DROPALINE
___ comma (punctuation mark that sparks much debate) SERIAL