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Universal – Aug 15 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“East of ___” EDEN
“Live Free or ___” DIE
“No man is an island” poet DONNE
“Tales From the ___” CRYPT
Accustom INURE
Action words VERBS
Assimilation of ideas OSMOSIS
Boorish RUDE
Brown building? DORM
Candidate’s platform DAIS
Certain bird or toy KITE
Cherished DEAR
Classic TV show set on an island LOST
Clear wrap brand SARAN
Dessert with a dense lower layer of chocolate custard BOTTOMPIE
Drink often served with scones TEA
East Indian, say BENGALI
Far from competent INEPT
File that may be read-only PDF
Fill with food SATE
Fiscal org. based in D.C IMF
Foot treatment, informally PEDI
Frighten SCARE
Group of rooms in a hotel SUITE
Head-slapping comment DOH
Heavy weight TON
Heroine in “Doctor Zhivago” LARA
Introduce to the mix ADDIN
Itinerary word VIA
Ivory’s partner EBONY
Jason’s mythical wife MEDEA
Leak sound DRIP
Lhasa ___ APSO
Like “It” EERIE
Loosen, like laces UNTIE
Lower digit TOE
Many mins HRS
Monotony TEDIUM
Mushroom parts STEMS
Netflix series in which Taylor Schilling played Piper Chapman ORANGEISTHENEW
No longer working: Abbr RETD
Note that becomes a musical piece when “o” is added SOL
NYSE overseer SEC
One of many on a Shasta daisy PETAL
Organ with a drum EAR
Otherwise ELSE
Picked up without touching, say? SENSED
Prefix meaning “inside” ENTO
Prickly plant BRIAR
Pulsate THROB
Relatives of hisses BOOS
Rich source, as of knowledge FOUNT
Root in purple boba TARO
Sexy HOT
Signal boost, in a way RETWEET
Sir, to Beyonce and Jay-Z SON
Soda brand whose name is a soda can part TAB
Speak off the cuff ADLIB
Spear with a fork STAB
Stews (over) FRETS
Taiwanese tech giant ACER
Takes ten RESTS
Tales that are spun YARNS
Thin chip maker INTEL
Time for a fireworks show NIGHT
Tranquility PEACE
Treat with two kinds of icing ANDWHITECOOKIE
Twosome in Variety ITEM
Ultimately profits ENDSINTHE
Unlikely to explode? STOIC
Warming of relations THAW
Watery expanses SEAS
Words from one who’s unable ICANT
Wriggly swimmers EELS
___ a soul (no one) NARY
___ pal (rhyming friend) GAL