Universal – Aug 15 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“… happily ___ after” EVER
“Sweet!” DOPE
“You said it!” RIGHTON
’50s presidential nickname IKE
Add one’s two cents PIPEUP
Agent, briefly REP
Angled column? OPED
Basic dog command SIT
Blowout or BOGO SALE
Broadway’s Menzel IDINA
Bulletin board fasteners TACKS
Cafe or bistro EATERY
Cheekiness, informally TUDE
Chinese meal cooked at the table HOTPOT
Constantly think (about) OBSESS
Cook quickly, as scallops SEAR
Cooktop’s appliance STOVE
Cord that may hold an ID card LANYARD
Cornstalk topper TASSEL
Crafty SLY
First lady? EVE
Flitted DARTED
Forestland unit ACRE
Form 1040 org IRS
Gems Myanmar is known for RUBIES
Get back to the host RSVP
Good luck charm AMULET
GPS lines STS
Greeting for a grandchild HUG
Hanoi holiday TET
High degree? PHD
Inapt rhyme for “glad” SAD
Largest lake entirely in New York ONEIDA
Like worn tires BALD
Lost control GONEAPE
New York City’s Central ___ PARK
Nightstand’s companion DRESSER
North African expanse SAHARA
On full-time duty ACTIVE
One is inherited naturally GENE
One ran away with the spoon DISH
Only Clue weapon whose token isn’t metallic ROPE
Part of VIP VERY
Person who takes your car key VALET
Pieces of inside information TIPS
Race, as an engine REV
Readied for shipping, as oranges CRATED
Religious doctrines DOGMAS
Remark after something fortuitous happens ITSASIGN
River, in Venezuela RIO
Rx providers DRS
Small social circle POD
Soup with Hanoi and Saigon styles PHO
South Beach or Beverly Hills DIET
Specialized role at a coalpit? MINESWEEPER
Specialized role at a school of wizardry? SPELLCHECKER
Specialized role at a sweet shop? CANDYSTRIPER
Specialized role at a tent factory? STAKEHOLDER
Spectrum makers PRISMS
State whose official snack is Jell-O UTAH
Sticks in pool halls CUES
Stonestreet of “Modern Family” ERIC
Storm lead-in? CALM
Summer pests GNATS
Take a stroll MOSEY
Takes the wrong way? ROBS
They follow sigmas TAUS
Tiler’s calculation AREA
Tiny unit of work ERG
Toronto newspaper STAR
Track event MEET
Wall calendar row WEEK
Was in first place LED
Word from a Latin lover AMO
Word with “mattress” or “mouse” PAD

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