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Universal – Aug 16 2018

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Clues Answers
“Old Ironsides,” famously SHIP
“Stop or ___!” ELSE
“Your act stinks!” BOO
Animal on nickels of yore BISON
Any HR department HIRER
Any king RULER
Arouse, as interest PIQUE
Artist Yoko ONO
Ash container URN
City in Italia ROMA
Clothier’s concern FIT
Conceit EGO
Confess TELL
Cookie brand OREO
Corn state IOWA
Dark clouds, to some OMEN
Dark, durable wood EBONY
Emulate a hummingbird FLIT
Facts and news INFO
Flyers in a V GEESE
Go extinct DIEOFF
Goes bad, in a way SOURS
Greek X’s CHIS
Have an effect upon BEARON
Head-turning sound PSST
Inevitable fate DOOM
Install curtains HANG
It has sole SHOE
It’s not the same as 50 cents HALFADOLLARBILL
Japanese ties OBIS
Jumps on ice AXELS
Last place prize BOOBY
Like a scrubbed launch NOGO
Mafia head DON
Major car manufacturer TOYOTA
Many coffee cans TINS
May 15, for one IDES
Minor bones to pick NITS
Monopoly purchase HOTEL
Neck area SCRUFF
Nine-day prayer ritual NOVENA
Not squeaking OILED
Office errand runners GOFERS
One of four players remaining QUARTERFINALIST
Openly acknowledge AVOW
Ore bonanzas LODES
Outback hoppers ROOS
Place to be deserted ISLE
Plum variety DAMSON
Provides an address ORATES
Pullers of plows OXEN
Record player STEREO
Rulers of old TSARS
Same old, same old feeling ENNUI
Scholar variety RHODES
Security for a debt LIEN
Skiers’ building LODGE
Smash, as flies SWAT
Sniper, at times AIMER
Spotted beetle LADYBUG
State of agitation SNIT
Street layer TAR
Stunning birds SWANS
Sundry collection OLIO
Tear apart, ironically UNRIP
Tire letters PSI
Toward the rudder ABAFT
Trying one ESSAYER
Turned right on donkey-back GEED
Volcano feature DOME
Weaned pig SHOAT
Wedding day acquisition INLAW
What “I” can mean ONE
Words after “depend” or “get” ONIT
Yorkshire river OUSE
Young walker TOT