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Universal – Aug 17 2018

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Clues Answers
“… please with sugar ___!” ONIT
“Do ___ others …” UNTO
“Glengarry ___ Ross” GLEN
“Me?” “Yeah, ___!” YOU
“Quit it!” STOP
”Braveheart” wear KILT
Adjective for August HOT
Afro or fade HAIRDO
Bad words onstage? BOOS
Banded marble AGATE
Brief rests NAPS
Bring to justice TRY
Broadway award TONY
Buzz kin WHIR
Certain bone ULNA
Chilling EERIE
Comics canine OTTO
Copper PENNY
Cruising ASEA
Depression in chrome DENT
Eurasian boundary river URAL
Feather for writers QUILL
Free from bindings UNTIE
French black NOIR
Funny owls, to owls? HOOTS
Gnaw at ERODE
Golden Fleece-seeking craft ARGO
Great honor, take 10 TENONEGUNSALUTE
Greeted an elder STOOD
Hemidemisemiquaver, take 10 FIFTYFOURTHNOTE
How to chill? ONICE
Ice cream purchase QUART
Identity question WHO
In a while? No, better SOON
Kinda new walkers TOTS
Large coffee container URN
Like a well-dressed chimney? SOOTED
Like faux-colored hair DYED
Lucre PELF
Make an appearance ENTER
Maybe was, but not now ISNT
Mistake ERROR
Modern pentathlon event EPEE
Narcissistic portrait SELFIE
Not late INTIME
Part of the hip HAUNCH
Pie ___ mode ALA
Piedmont province ASTI
Presidential name BUSH
Pricker in a garden THORN
Provide a web ID LOGON
Punish by whipping FLOG
Ranch measurements ACRES
Rash swiftness HASTE
Renegade ROGUE
Scottish youngster LASS
Seasoning source, big-time SALTMINE
Sing slowly CROON
Some time back ONCE
Split young haddock SCROD
Spray target ODOR
Stack HEAP
State since March 15, 1820 MAINE
Thing’s contraction ITLL
Things for braggarts EGOS
Tracker’s trail SPOOR
Underdog, take 10 NINETYTOONESHOT
Unsophisticated sort NAIF
Urban land maps PLATS
Vaulting aides POLES
Vegetable for Popeye? YAM
Wet course SOUP
What an angry snake becomes HISSER
What reserved stuff is on HOLD
With not enough cash SHORT