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Universal – Aug 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Common Sense” pamphleteer PAINE
“It is the ___, and Juliet is the sun!” EAST
“Of Mice and ___” MEN
A big one often gets away FISH
Affirmative vote AYE
All alternative NONE
Ball-and-mallets game POLO
Beat excitedly POUND
Caretaker of horses GROOM
College admissions official DEAN
Concept or conception IDEA
Container for tea or flowers POT
Crash into forcefully RAM
Cynthia Erivo had the lead one in “Harriet” ROLE
Day break? NAP
Do in, as a dragon SLAY
E.T.’s vehicle UFO
Elec. current unit AMP
Espionage figures SPIES
Fall cleanup tool RAKE
Female quail HEN
Flower common in Chinese art PEONY
Get cloudier, perhaps DARKEN
Golf course LINKS
He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders ATLAS
Impala or Mustang AUTO
Instructive figures? DATA
Intended MEANT
Jesus, to Christians LORD
Kind of sleeve RAGLAN
Land measure ACRE
Last part END
Leave hastily, informally SPLIT
Like Guy Fieri’s hair SPIKY
Like screw threads SPIRAL
Like the animals on Noah’s ark PAIRED
Lock for a barber TRESS
Make more nutritious, say ENRICH
Clues Answers
Many high schoolers TEENS
Map within a map INSET
Mindless, like chatter IDLE
More-enough connector THAN
Muscle pain ACHE
Number of angles in a pentagon FIVE
Old boyfriend? BEAU
Open-mouthed AGAPE
Par for the course NORM
Pirate’s greeting AHOY
Popular succulent ALOE
Powerful person MAGNATE
Rite-minded people? PRIESTS
Rock with many bands GNEISS
Rounded part of a hammer PEEN
Second stage of grief ANGER
Soft French cheese BRIE
Some shade trees ELMS
Soothing agent SALVE
Stir up INCITE
Summer ___ (Samuel Adams brew) ALE
Take a big bite CHOMP
Take it easy REST
Talking about constantly HARPINGON
Tax pro CPA
They keep their distance SPACERS
Trumpeting bird SWAN
Two-word denial NOTI
Unnamed individuals ONES
Very serious GRAVE
Wading birds with long bills SNIPES
Washer cycle RINSE
When to give in, per Churchill NEVER
Word after “sugar snap” or “sweet” PEA
Wrinkly citrus UGLI
Wrist afflictions SPRAINS