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Universal – Aug 18 2018

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Clues Answers
“If that’s the case …” THEN
“Look out below!” OOPS
Account to question ALIBI
Agenda things ITEMS
Author Horatio ALGER
Avis eggs OVA
Awful insult SLUR
Be an online troll ABASE
Become allied UNITE
Big-time plant supporters STEMS
Bit of a night light SHININGMOONBEAM
Black, if you’re 500 EBON
Bothersome annoyance PEST
Calf meats VEALS
Cascades FALLS
Clan divisions SEPTS
Committee variety ADHOC
Concept IDEA
Corcovado is there RIO
Day’s end, in old poems EEN
Declare strongly AVER
Didn’t come clean LIED
Dog’s curb? LEASH
Easily spotted OVERT
Effectively slam on the brakes COMETOADEADSTOP
Empty, as a threat IDLE
Enter the pool SPLASH
Famous road or studio ABBEY
Feminine pronoun SHE
First network letters? ABC
Flaky mineral MICA
French vineyard CRU
Hymnbook studier CHORISTER
In the freezer ONICE
Inanimate object’s gender NEUTER
It’s beyond a porthole OCEAN
It’s in the military ARMY
Kind of fine cotton PIMA
Like exciting movie scenes CLIMACTIC
Limerick word ONCE
Mandatory things MUSTS
Many cuts above ELITE
Meager amount IOTA
Music of Jamaica SKA
Mythical war god ARES
Not these, the others THOSE
Noted gallery TATE
Ordinary? No, u-turn ODD
Org. with brown trucks UPS
Person working in a row HOER
Photoshop as a verb ALTER
Picky details NITS
Pointed a weapon AIMED
Poltergeists, e.g SPIRITS
Pre-punctual? EARLY
Retract words UNSAY
Send flying all about SCATTER
Silly antic CAPER
Singe slightly CHAR
Sleepy Van Winkle RIP
Some sea predators ORCAS
Sound from a cave ECHO
Spheres ORBS
Stream widener FLOOD
Stuff fully SATE
Sweet? No SOUR
The crab after the twins CANCER
Tips at sea LISTS
Toaster’s glass, sometimes GOBLET
Turkey type TOM
Valentine edging LACE
Valuable commodity OIL
Vestment for priests ALB
You could get mud in your eye here SPA