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Universal – Aug 19 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Como ___?” ESTA
“I told you so!” SEE
“The Addams Family” cousin ITT
Albacore, for one TUNA
Allow to use LEND
Ball girls? BELLES
Beach bucket PAIL
Bears’ lairs DENS
Brit’s “My word!” ISAY
Bud you constantly text, perhaps BFF
Capital of Iran TEHRAN
Cash box TILL
Chip away at ERODE
Congressional investigation PROBE
Dampens WETS
Despite the fact that ALTHOUGH
Dinghy mover ROWER
Dingy dwelling RATTRAP
Early Beatles label EMI
Fable’s lesson MORAL
Feed the kitty ANTE
Fire remnant EMBER
Flashy promotion HYPE
Fourth-largest Great Lake ERIE
Gloomy aura PALL
He followed FDR HST
Hooded snake COBRA
Inch along CREEP
Indian clarified butter GHEE
Item for eating or tuning FORK
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Judge to be DEEM
Land parcel TRACT
Lead-in to “frost” HOAR
Leave no way out for HEMIN
Light source LAMP
Lithium-___ battery ION
Lobster trap foilers? ESCAPECLAWS
Manhunt target? MRRIGHT
Mini-___ (convenience store) MART
Nickname that anagrams to “not I” TINO
No ___ Traffic THRU
Not-so-meaty lobster posterior? TAILOFWOE
One may eat at your place TERMITE
Org. that awarded John Lewis a Spingarn Medal NAACP
Out of concern that LEST
Plea at sea SOS
Poster holder TACK
Present period? YULETIDE
Push-up ___ (certain undergarments) BRAS
Quattro automaker AUDI
Recede EBB
Requirements NEEDS
Royals’ opportunities? ATBATS
Runway walker MODEL
Scented candle emanation AROMA
Sent an invoice BILLED
Sign to interpret OMEN
Singer India.___ ARIE
Singly ALONE
Smoothie green KALE
Sound effect in a tunnel ECHO
Spill the beans BLAB
Stand-up person MENSCH
Steamed green part of a lobster? HOTTOMALLEY
Summer driving hazard GLARE
Taco topper SALSA
Take care of TENDTO
Tech news site CNET
Unrefined find at a mine ORE
Wasn’t truthful LIED
What a summer does? ADDS
What some trees provide SHADE
Where lobsters keep their eggs? ROEHOUSES
Works with keys TYPES
Yarn purchase SKEIN