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Universal – Aug 19 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Bland” color BEIGE
“For more information,” in a dictionary SEEALSO
“Friends” friend … or supreme Supreme ROSS
“So glad the week is almost done!” TGIF
“Wasn’t me,” quaintly NOTI
*Condition after hours of lolling in the sun? SUMMERDAZE
*Halloween costume, e.g.? FALLGUISE
*Part in a play put on at the end of the school year? SPRINGROLE
*Seasoning for the Christmas turkey? WINTERTHYME
Beds before cribs? WOMBS
Before, poetically ERE
Bothered HASSLED
Cause for concern ISSUE
Chromosome component GENE
Cold and slick ICY
Come about OCCUR
Commercial salesperson ADREP
Coral ridge REEF
Diamond cover TARP
Disgruntled diner’s decision NOTIP
Donkey ASS
Dude BRO
Exploit USE
Exploits DEEDS
Failed firework DUD
Finally left alone LAIDOFF
Fluffy boot brand UGG
Football Hall-of-Famer Dawson LEN
Forger’s domain ART
Fourteen-line poems SONNETS
Gaming device CONSOLE
Give the power to ENABLE
Go in circles, literally GYRATE
Italian football club in a fashion hub ACMILAN
Job for a body shop DENT
Kind of fork SALAD
King whose youngest daughter was Cordelia LEAR
Lead singer, often SOLOIST
Leave surreptitiously SLIPOUT
Like expressionless eyes GLASSY
Like someone who may read braille BLIND
Listening devices? EARS
Little troublemaker IMP
Luxury hotel chain, and a hint to the phonetic “changes” in the starred clues’ answers FOURSEASONS
Makes harmonious ATTUNES
Man in “The Matrix” NEO
Mark from a wound SCAR
Mobile operating system with a robot logo ANDROID
Most frequent letters in “lollipop” ELS
Mythology and such LORE
Nickname within “president” SID
Oktoberfest souvenir STEIN
One of 12, in recovery STEP
Pointless to discuss MOOT
Protrudes BULGES
Rap’s ___ Rhymes BUSTA
Ready to film, say ONSET
Rush hour sounds BEEPS
Scrapes the peel of ZESTS
Some signable files PDFS
Stain, as cloth DYE
Thieves’ place DEN
Total SUM
Transmission concern NOISE
Two, in Toledo DOS
Watch chain FOB
Web location SITE
White rice’s lack BRAN
Widespread RIFE
With intensity ACUTELY
Word after “black” or “photo” OPS
Yellowish shade OCHER
Yes, in Yokohama HAI
___ gras FOIE
___-trick pony ONE