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Universal – Aug 2 2018

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Clues Answers
“And” synonym ALSO
“Elementary, my dear ___” WATSON
“Far out!” kin RAD
“Romeo” header ALFA
“Super!” kin OHBOY
“___ here long?” BEEN
Acrobat company ADOBE
Advanced H.S. math CALC
Bangkok resident THAI
Beastly creature OGRE
Beginning like a champ OFFTOAGOODSTART
Behave poorly ACTUP
Bighorn calls BAAS
Brief period of time TRICE
Cabbie’s price FARE
Capital on the Alna OSLO
Church instrument ORGAN
Cleopatra’s love ANTONY
Common bacteria STAPH
Consider DEEM
Craving URGE
Defeat with gusto BEATTHEPANTSOFF
Does more than suggests FORCES
Downwind ALEE
Effort-maker TRIER
Farm baby FOAL
Feel poorly AIL
Fish eggs ROE
Flim-___ (bamboozle) FLAM
Greek god blood ICHOR
Hard-to-explain something AURA
Has a yen ACHES
Head nod to an actor CUE
Headaches for the team EGOS
Horse part HOOF
Isolated, in a way ISLED
Knocked down? Do this DUSTYOURSELFOFF
Lake organism ALGA
Clues Answers
Lamb Chop’s handler SHARI
Like taxed imported goods TARIFFED
Magnificent server ACER
Mixed bag OLIO
Moran or Brockovich ERIN
Move like slime OOZE
Movie award OSCAR
Mr. Murphy the oceanographer? EDDY
Pertaining to hearing OTIC
Points for a 17-foot jumper TWO
Pound or the prophet EZRA
Protein-building acid AMINO
Public relations effort SPIN
Puebla homes CASAS
Razzie Awards word WORST
Redeem, as chips CASHIN
Sailing on the Baltic ASEA
Shallow-water hazard REEF
Shinto temple gateway TORII
Some Greek letters ETAS
Sound 64-Across knows well SWISH
Speak about endlessly HARPON
Splitting spat RIFT
Stephen with long range CURRY
Stinging sarcasm BARB
Super-close siblings TWINS
Texas tea OIL
Thought over MUSED
Tongue similar to Hindi URDU
Toronto Maple ___ LEAFS
Uncivilized WILD
Up to the job ABLE
Vulnerable place SOFTSPOT
Welcomes into the firm HIRES
What butchers trim FAT
What snow can do DRIFT
With no hindrances FREELY
Worth a 10 rating IDEAL