Universal – Aug 2 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Adios,” in London TATA
“Enchanted” character of kid lit ELLA
“Give it a ___!” REST
“That’s the way it ___” GOES
Barrett of Pink Floyd SYD
Belief in doing things before they’re cool? HIPSTERCREED
Board game with tiny cannons RISK
Choice word? OPT
Clammy DANK
Club for marshmallow chick lovers? PEEPSQUAD
Comedian Gaffigan JIM
Common joke setting BAR
Confuse ADDLE
Contraction before “mate” GDAY
Counting everything INALL
CT scan alternative MRI
Dad’s sis, maybe: Var AUNTY
Dash, as a cat may do toward an open door DART
Earn an Olympic prize MEDAL
Empire State newspaper: Abbr NYT
Energy unit JOULE
Farmer’s place, in a rhyme DELL
Flair ELAN
Freak out PANIC
Free stuff SWAG
Go wrong ERR
Grammy winner Aimee MANN
Grp. with 27 nations THEEU
Hairstyle such as a bun UPDO
Halliwell also known as Ginger Spice GERI
Hurt, as a toe STUB
It’s often buggy BETA
Just squeak (out) EKE
Just, or just OK FAIR
Kicked out of a contest, briefly DQED
Kleenex, generically TISSUE
Labyrinthine furniture store IKEA
Like fish and chips DEEPFRIED
Like some pushups ONEARM
Like unprocessed foods WHOLE
Litigious warning ILLSUE
Makes changes to EDITS
Misplace one of the red root vegetables? LOSEABEET
Month whose name comes from the Latin for “to open” APRIL
Musher’s vehicle SLED
No longer fastened UNDONE
No. on a business card TEL
Of a single color SOLID
Org. in Netflix’s “Away” NASA
Password go-with USERID
Place for a heated discussion? SAUNA
Princess played by Carrie Fisher LEIA
Rare treat, perhaps? RIBEYE
Reason to take Ritalin, for short ADHD
Regard DEEM
Regular guy? BEAU
Rider’s handful REINS
Rock formed by lava BASALT
Rolls a heavy ball BOWLS
Seventh most populous state OHIO
Sleeper’s woe APNEA
Some crooked expressions WRYSMILES
Spews lava, say ERUPTS
Stabilize, as chocolate TEMPER
Stuffed Indian pastry SAMOSA
Sweet ___ (“Always Sunny” nickname) DEE
Tear to bits REND
Vegan cookie OREO
Verbal face-palm DOH
Watchful ALERT
What some politicians reach across, with “the” AISLE
What teas may do on a hot day? STEEPOUTSIDE
Witnessed SEEN
Word before “table” or “zone” END
Yours and mine OURS
___ pad (pond perch) LILY

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