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Universal – Aug 20 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Easy now!” WHOA
“Itsy ___ Spider” BITSY
“Oh, shoot!” AWRATS
“Ri-i-ight” IBET
“Sign me up!” IMIN
“Toy Story 4” shepherd BOPEEP
“___ to Joy” ODE
(Pow!) BAM
2020 Zoom event: Abbr IPO
Accessibility aid RAMP
Actress Christine LAHTI
Bolt of great speed? USAIN
Breakfast bit OAT
Breakfast sandwich meat BACON
Brennan of “Clue” EILEEN
Charitable relief ALMS
Collette of “Hereditary” TONI
Colorado-to-Missouri direction EAST
Commonly donated substance PLASMA
Composition of “The Squad” in Congress WOMEN
Cosmetics giant AVON
Cuisine with many curries THAI
Debt’s ink color RED
Decade Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Double feature about a creepy hotel and a kicking child? THESHINNING
Double feature about a soldier and a patriotic barber? AMERICANSNIPPER
Double feature about a talk show host and an after-hours barista? LATTENIGHT
Double feature about baseball and Saharan treasure? THESANDLOOT
Double feature about burglars and a French bachelor? HOMMEALONE
Dumpy digs HOVEL
Familial group CLAN
Fence entrance GATE
Former TV show about a singing club GLEE
Gather in REAP
Grows older AGES
Hardly risque TAME
Have a taste of TRY
Interrupt CUTIN
It means everything OMNI
It means nothing NIL
Jellyfish injury STING
Lake that straddles a Western state border TAHOE
Like a lovelorn heart ACHY
Lip warmer, for short STACHE
Long, long ___ AGO
Major streets in small towns MAINDRAGS
Makes after expenses NETS
Many a godmother AUNT
McMullin of politics EVAN
Moving wheels? VAN
Nasal voice quality TWANG
Natural good judgment HORSESENSE
Neighbor of Lanai MAUI
Numbered set in a golf bag IRONS
Overplay a role EMOTE
Peg with a concave top TEE
Pomeranian sounds YAPS
Porky’s paramour PETUNIAPIG
Prepare for a baby, say NEST
Pro column entry PLUS
Quick flight? LAM
Ritzy abode PENTHOUSE
Sired, biblically BEGOT
Spike behind a camera LEE
Subway branch LINE
Swiss home CHALET
Tamper (with) MESS
Those people THEM
Tip one’s hand LETON
Unreturned serves ACES
Until UPTO
Victor Blackwell’s channel CNN
Web portal since 1995 MSN
Word on a penny CENT
___ monster (poisonous lizard) GILA
___ Taylor (clothing chain) ANN