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Universal – Aug 21 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Cheap Thrills” singer SIA
“Gotta go!” SEEYA
“Sorry not sorry!” TOOBAD
“Teardrop of India” SRILANKA
“The Hunger Games” character whose name sounds like a bread PEETA
“You’re looking ___!” ATIT
*”Are we finished here?” (4 to 8) WHATELSEISTHERE
*Noted Senate testifier in 1991 (unscramble letters 5 to 8) ANITAHILL
*South Carolina military college (3 to 5) THECITADEL
*Sweet ingredient in glazed ham (3 to 6) BROWNSUGAR
180 degrees from WNW ESE
Airport in Washington SEATAC
Any port in a storm HAVEN
Bridge statistics SPANS
Bumped into MET
Certain ponies or old Fords PINTOS
Closest bowling target ONEPIN
Cook’s hourglass-shaped gizmo, perhaps EGGTIMER
Easter coloring DYE
Ed who played Lou Grant ASNER
Everglades plant SEDGE
Foals’ mothers MARES
Friendly dog’s offering PAW
Get on the nerves of RANKLE
Grandma, to a tot NANA
Hole in a sneaker EYELET
Indian lentil dish DAL
Indian Ocean’s Bay of ___ BENGAL
It’s cheap, they say TALK
Jazz pianist Blake EUBIE
Leave unoccupied VACATE
Less tainted PURER
Letters on a Cardinal’s cap STL
Like a bachelor UNWED
List-shortening abbr ETC
Manipulate USE
Mark missing from “Sao Paulo” TILDE
Meat for a cat TUNAFISH
Musical orphan ANNIE
Name within “Angelica” ELI
Night school subj ESL
One may help you focus LENS
Opera boxes LOGES
Pale purple LILAC
Perilous forecast for travelers, and a hint to the starred answers’ indicated letters WINTRYMIX
Raiders’ new home state NEVADA
Reach, as a goal ATTAIN
Regulating org. for 10-Down FAA
Response to “Who’s there?” ITSME
Sharpen HONE
She oversees an order ABBESS
Sidewalk shade source AWNING
Simple homes HUTS
Singer Burl IVES
Siri’s tablet IPAD
Sitter’s handful BRAT
Sound of a perfect jump shot SWISH
Source of irritation PEEVE
Split personalities? EXES
Subject to change? REACTIVE
Suffix with “meteor” ITE
Tach readout RPM
Teacher’s favorite PET
Tell the playground monitor TATTLE
Theatrical company TROUPE
Timely benefit BOON
Unexpected victory UPSET
Volcanic output ASH
Vote in favor YEA
Welcome at the door ASKIN
With good cheer GAILY
Xbox competition WII
___ of Good Feelings ERA
___ prime beef USDAa