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Universal – Aug 21 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Arsenic and Old ___” LACE
“No ice” NEAT
“Reverse that” command UNDO
“That’s fair to say,” and a clue to the starts of 20-, 32- and 45-Across YOUVEGOTAPOINT
“There isn’t an ___ of truth to that” OUNCE
“Who ___?” (“Isn’t that surprising?”) KNEW
‘Vette roof option TTOP
Actress Falco EDIE
Adopted a new logo, say REBRANDED
Antidotes CURES
Bat or bar mitzvah RITE
Beach house asset OCEANVIEW
Blu-ray storage device DISC
Brass instrument, perhaps HORN
Bunches and bunches ATON
Burst of wind GUST
Canadian First Nations tribe CREE
CSI team’s find DNA
Dinghy propellers OARS
Dog show org AKC
Egg part YOLK
Elicit EDUCE
Email folder SENT
Fez or loafer feature TASSEL
Fish related to a walleye PERCH
Flower holders? STEMS
Food that bookends “Tabasco” TACO
Gather in REAP
Goofs ERRS
Group of attorneys LEGALTEAM
Head, in France TETE
Home to Damascus SYRIA
It ebbs and flows TIDE
Italian sparkling wine region ASTI
Kind of, informally SORTA
Kylo ___ (“Star Wars” villain) REN
Like a red herring FISHY
Lime relative LEMON
Medea, to Circe NIECE
Menu with a Copy command EDIT
Mocking expression SNEER
Mom’s mom, e.g GRAM
Name contained in “tangerine” ERIN
Not right at all? LEFT
Octet plus one NONET
Olympic gymnastics score first achieved by Nadia Comaneci TEN
Parking space, or a parking space’s place LOT
Particle that may be smashed ATOM
PC gamer’s controls ARROWKEYS
Playwright Coward NOEL
Prefix with “dynamic” AERO
Prefix with “potent” OMNI
Relinquish CEDE
She/___ HER
Sign of summer? LEO
Sign on again REUP
Signs of sadness TEARS
Skiers’ challenges MOGULS
Small Chinese dumpling WONTON
Some Scottish children LADS
Speedy animal such as Man o’ War RACEHORSE
Spelman or Smith student WOMAN
Tea brand TETLEY
Teen’s unsettling feeling ANGST
Thin line of facial hair PENCILMUSTACHE
Tonsillitis doc ENT
Walk with swagger STRUT
What David slung at Goliath STONE
What keeps everything from happening at once, some say TIME
What you’ll need at the ATM, redundantly PINNUMBER
Where the forbidden fruit grew EDEN
William Tell’s forte AIM
Writes PENS
___-Caps SNO