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Universal – Aug 22 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Go on to the next one!” SKIPIT
“Olympia” painter MANET
“Puh-leeze!” SHEESH
“Well, golly!” AWGEE
“___ and the Wasp” ANTMAN
**Places to play with alpacas PETTINGZOOS
**Where to do a touchdown dance ENDZONE
*Currency in Warsaw POLISHZLOTY
*French novelist involved in the Dreyfus affair EMILEZOLA
Acquired relative INLAW
Adored celebrity IDOL
Answer in the affirmative SAYYES
Appalachian Trail activity HIKING
Arborist’s cutting device SAW
Barrel-making tools ADZES
Bear who’s friends with Piglet POOH
Bee or beetle INSECT
Catch some rays BASK
Cinco menos dos TRES
Cleveland’s lake ERIE
Collective bargainer, briefly UNIONREP
Consists of HAS
Cosmic balance? LIBRA
Dealership regions CARLOTS
Disapproving vote NAY
Drink after a shot CHASER
Earth-friendly prefix ECO
Edmonton hockey pro OILER
Emmy winner Galifianakis ZACH
Enthusiastic EAGER
Fill beyond full SATE
Flannel pattern PLAID
Fruit that develops spots BANANA
Fundamentals ABCS
Genre for Ariana Grande POP
Give the job to HIRE
Govt. labor watchdog OSHA
Hagar the Horrible’s wife HELGA
Halloween costume part MASK
Hillary Clinton, ___ Rodham NEE
Hopes one will AIMSTO
ID on a W-2 SSN
Indy 500 initials STP
Instrument with a vibrating membrane KAZOO
Island chain? LEI
Lead-in for “glottis” EPI
Leave speechless AMAZE
Maker of pianos and snowmobiles YAMAHA
Milker’s handful TEAT
Name that sounds like a tiny particle ADAM
Navajo’s neighbor HOPI
Niger neighbor MALI
Not quite right, perhaps? ACUTE
Online craft market ETSY
Otherwise called, for short AKA
Place to make tracks? STUDIO
Psychic “gift,” for short ESP
Reflex test joint KNEE
Return call? ECHO
Sail supports MASTS
Secure, as an obi TIEON
Simple, or a hint to the initials of each pair of starred clues’ answers EASYPEASY
Slippery swimmer EEL
Small downturn DIP
Small Egyptian snake ASP
Smash into RAM
Solos for Leontyne Price ARIAS
Squeeze (by) EKE
Take home everything WINITALL
Throw off TRIPUP
Toothbrush brand ORALB
Toys with strings YOYOS
Tree sacred to Druids OAK
Two hearts, e.g., in bridge BID
Units of corn EARS
Wendy Darling’s dog NANA
What a toddler might tug on PANTLEG
Women’s basketball great Mulkey KIM