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Universal – Aug 23 2018

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Clues Answers
“I was out of town then,” e.g ALIBI
“Real” stick-on ISM
“To be” form ARE
“___?” (Miss Piggy word) MOI
29-Across alternative POPPA
Acquire debt OWE
Agenda thingy ITEM
All residences HABITATS
Angry dog’s sound SNARL
Atomic No. 5 BORON
Attorney’s group ABA
Back talk LIP
Barber’s specialty HAIRCUT
Bind with bands GIRD
Catholic service MASS
Certain NBAer NET
Cheerful word RAH
Commence ONSET
Commingle IMMIX
Consult SEE
Correspond AGREE
Cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Deli fish LOXES
Delicate fabric LACE
Downing Street number TEN
Eland kin KUDU
Everyone? Nope, U-turn NOBODY
Existence LIFE
Falafel bread PITA
Farm animal EWE
Fatuous or poppycockish INANE
Flips over OBVERTS
Full of zeal AGOG
Goings-on ADO
Goo for your do GEL
Goof ERR
Hail of old AVE
Hints at a proposal KNEELS
Hit-and-run action SIDESWIPE
Hut brick ADOBE
Ice starter? POL
Inch – mile link PER
Indian music style RAGA
It has moles CIA
It’s all mapped out ATLAS
It’s final in school EXAM
Keeps from littering? SPAYS
Least noisy SERENEST
Lennon’s mate ONO
Made less refined COARSENED
Monastery head ABBOT
Nails a test ACES
Old number? ETHER
Over again ANEW
Overwhelmingly BYFAR
Party faux pas REDIP
Paw bottoms PADS
Plain envelope payment BRIBE
Rough mountain ridges ARETES
Scene-causing commotion ROW
Shakespeare’s Andronicus TITUS
Shape 6-Down REMOLD
Stand-out window? ORIEL
Thing with 1,000-to-1 odds EXTREMELONGSHOT
Versed in a language FLUENT
Villainous looks LEERS
Wedded thing BLISS
What six up is TIE
Whimpered PULED
With a certain grain OATEN
With notched edges SERRATE