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Universal – Aug 23 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Nova” network PBS
“SCTV” actress Martin ANDREA
“Simon ___, fill in 66-Across!” SAYS
“Take that!” BOOYA
“The Hobbit” dragon SMAUG
“There was no choice” IHADTO
“Trans rights ___ human rights” ARE
$1,000,000, for short MIL
Alternatives to whites, on a wine list REDS
Anticipatory night EVE
Bachelor’s last words IDO
Backup approach PLANB
Barely managed, with “out” EKED
Beehive State native UTE
Best TOP
Big furniture retailer IKEA
Blows it ERRS
Campers, for short RVS
Caravan beast CAMEL
Christmas songs NOELS
Comb stoppers KNOTS
Commercials ADS
Deity who rules over Valhalla ODIN
DJ’s stack, once CDS
Elicit EVOKE
Feeling after turning in a final exam RELIEF
Future doc’s exam MCAT
Glass of “This American Life” IRA
Got a cannon into position AIMED
Grammy winner Yoko ONO
Heavy instrument to march with TUBA
Hosts, informally MCS
Large warship with no electrical system? WIRELESSCARRIER
Letter before kappa IOTA
Louvre Pyramid architect IMPEI
Made good as new MENDED
Make bubbly AERATE
Mazda two-seater MIATA
Mix in ADD
Mix up STIR
Moistened, as a turkey BASTED
Mr. Miyagi portrayer Pat MORITA
Muslim leaders IMAMS
Name hidden in “Demi Lovato” EMIL
Natural bridge site? NOSE
One of three in an ozone molecule ATOM
Oodles of MANY
Passenger ship with built-in storage? SHELFLINER
Pitching machine inserts BALLS
Princess’s topper TIARA
Private ___ (detective) EYE
Proud ___ peacock ASA
Really psyched AMPED
Riverboat serving as a restaurant? FOODSTEAMER
Road goo TAR
Shade of green that’s also a food OLIVE
Speedy vessel that isn’t exactly waterproof? PAPERCUTTER
Straight person’s prefix HETERO
Suckling spot TEAT
Suffix for a philosophy ISM
Suggest IMPLY
Surrounded by AMIDST
Terrier’s sound ARF
Thai or Chinese ASIAN
The Dog Star SIRIUS
Threesome TRIO
Tiny battery AAA
Tissue layer PLY
Venomous snake ASP
Verdi opera set in Egypt AIDA
Vessel for exploring the depths of the Adriatic Sea? ITALIANSUB
Way cool RAD
Where to find a hero DELI
Word after “ham” or “AM” RADIO
Word on all U.S. coins GOD
___ Paulo SAO
___-a-brac BRIC