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Universal – Aug 24 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Pfft, yeah right!” PSHAW
“___ skies of blue and clouds of white” (“What a Wonderful World” lyric) ISEE
15-Across fare add-ons TIPS
A hand might have five CARDS
A-lister STAR
Actor Astin SEAN
Affirmative responses YESES
Angry outburst HISSYFIT
Anna asks her whether she wants to build a snowman ELSA
Arabian Peninsula’s largest city RIYADH
Awaken ROUSE
Be indebted to OWE
Beachcombing concerns TIDES
Border on ABUT
Brewery bagful HOPS
Cilantro or dill HERB
Cooking fat LARD
Crow sounds CAWS
Depose OUST
Did some doodling DREW
Down Under greeting GDAY
Elba named “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2018 IDRIS
Experience soreness ACHE
Frito-___ LAY
Gas company known for its toy trucks HESS
Gathering with lots of cheddar? BLOCKPARTY
Get a move on SCOOT
Gouda concern? WEDGEISSUE
Hayek who portrayed Frida Kahlo SALMA
Home or House worker AIDE
Hybrid bakery offering CRONUT
Incredibly spicy mozzarella purchase? BALLOFFIRE
Inner planet that’s farthest from the sun MARS
Jordanian, e.g ARAB
Lacking intellectual substance VAPID
Light rain SPRINKLE
Like sandpaper GRITTY
Like some internships PAID
List that might feature specials MENU
Make up (for) ATONE
Maltese lira replacement EURO
Many Black Friday buys GIFTS
Media packet PRESSKIT
Modern doorbell feature CAMERA
More than rain POUR
Nose-wrinkling smells ODORS
Often-meaty dishes STEWS
Owl sound HOOT
Pair DUO
Participated in a 5K RAN
Parts of pie charts SLICES
Place to store brie? WHEELHOUSE
Places for props SETS
Post in a hashtag campaign TWEET
Predator’s quarry PREY
Region AREA
Regrets RUES
Ridesharing giant UBER
Seed type on an everything bagel SESAME
Shades HUES
Singer DiFranco ANI
Slightly wet DAMP
Smelly, shield-shaped pest STINKBUG
Strict STERN
Surface, as a boulevard PAVE
They think big DREAMERS
Title for Patrick Stewart SIR
Umami or sweetness receptor TASTEBUD
Upscale Honda ACURA
Valentine’s Day flower ROSE
What many do on Black Friday SHOP
Word after “summer” or “space” CAMP
Yanks TUGS
___ Major (constellation) URSA
___ Verde National Park MESA
___-pedi MANI