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Universal – Aug 24 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Carpe diem” acronym YOLO
“Everything’s fine!” IMOK
“Family Guy” matriarch LOIS
“I want to see!” SHOWME
“I’m Every ___” (Chaka Khan hit) WOMAN
“Old MacDonald” letters EIEIO
“Spaceballs,” for “Star Wars” SPOOF
“The ReidOut” channel MSNBC
“___ bien, gracias!” MUY
(I touched your nose!) BOOP
Affluent ’80s city dweller YUPPIE
Airing in the wee hours LATELATE
Animal with antlers ELK
Arrange, as hair DOUP
Bank heist targets VAULTS
Boardroom VIP CEO
Bottle alternative CAN
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Bread crumbs used for tempura PANKO
Catherine of “Schitt’s Creek” OHARA
Circular Blue Angels stunt LOOP
Cliff notes? YODEL
Cobra curl COIL
Collections of bits BYTES
Covers with black goo TARS
Cut, as costs PARE
Cut, as grass MOW
Director Ephron NORA
Drove lickety-split SPED
Elizabeth of “WandaVision” OLSEN
Flattened circles OVALS
Flow like molasses OOZE
Gets a move on SCOOTS
Gradually decline EBB
Handbag monogram YSL
Hardly heavy LIGHT
Have a crush on, informally LIKELIKE
Hither’s partner YON
Hurricane’s center EYE
India’s first prime minister NEHRU
It’s thrown at a board DART
Just out of the jacuzzi WET
Lab report writer? VETTECH
Like 2021, but not 2022 ODD
Like pj’s COMFY
Mound in the Sahara DUNE
Muscles below the ribs ABS
One may have attachments EMAIL
Palindromic fashion magazine ELLE
Parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme HERB
PayPal’s parent company, once EBAY
Personal grace POISE
Photo often snapped at arm’s length SELFIE
Pop, as a balloon BURST
Prez before Jack IKE
Prunes, once PLUMS
Puts one and one together, say ADDS
Rounded roof DOME
Sana’a citizen YEMENI
See 36-Across NAMES
Shop selling salami DELI
Shout after the pound of a gavel SOLD
Sitter’s bane BRAT
Size above med LGE
Soft palate projection UVULA
Southeast Asian language LAO
Spanish custard FLAN
Stanford’s rival, for short CAL
Stick it out ENDURE
Sty food SLOP
They relate well to others PEOPLEPEOPLE
Touch a side of ABUT
Triumphant cry HAH
What Kevin Love achieved in 53 consecutive NBA games, or a theme hint DOUBLEDOUBLE
What pupils may do during an exam? DILATE
With 38-Across, snitches NAMES
Wrestling popular in Tokyo SUMO