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Universal – Aug 25 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“A Hard Road to Glory” author Arthur ASHE
“Phooey!” CRUD
“Te ___” (Spanish for “I love you”) AMO
A single time ONCE
Abbr. at the end of a business name INC
Abound TEEM
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Acadia National Park’s state MAINE
Acted just like APED
Annapolis initials USNA
Apply USE
Astrological ram ARIES
Available from a keg ONTAP
Back talk SASS
Bewildered ATALOSS
Boat in “Jaws” ORCA
Bottom line on a letter, say? SERIF
Bottom-first kind of birth BREECH
Brief outline APERCU
Bronze medalist’s place THIRD
Building with a bell and a pole FIREHOUSE
Buzzing with activity ASTIR
Carnival attraction RIDE
Cliffside nest AERIE
Comes down hard? SLEETS
Computer list MENU
Conductor’s stick BATON
Convene MEET
Cook, as clams STEAM
Cut with a scalpel INCISE
Dept. of Labor arm OSHA
Diagram of options DECISIONTREE
Fabric for a professor’s jacket TWEED
Fashion magazine ELLE
Fastener that may be loose SCREW
Flower pollinators BEES
Gave confidence to ASSURED
Geological period EPOCH
Get a smile out of AMUSE
Girl who may say “nae” LASS
Go up and down BOB
Heart hit with the words “I cast my spell of love on you” MAGICMAN
Houston university RICE
It led to a 1773 Boston “party” TEAACT
Item an Olympian hurls DISCUS
Like the observation “Crosswords are similar to life …” DEEP
Military wear, informally CAMO
Natural resource management subj ECOL
Navajo or Pueblo TRIBE
Not divisible by two ODD
Not much ABIT
Opposite NNE SSW
Ornate-but-temporary winter structure ICECASTLE
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Pointy pickle piece SPEAR
Problem-solve TROUBLESHOOT
Put one’s foot down? TROD
Ram like a goat BUTT
Rhyming nickname for a ’90s-’00s Britcom ABFAB
Ridiculous, to a Brit DAFT
Simple chord TRIAD
Slots’ spot CASINO
Souvenir shop garment TEESHIRT
Suffix for “rocket” EER
Top housing options? LOFTS
Tournament favorite FIRSTSEED
Towels off DRIES
Translation of Caesar’s “vidi” ISAW
Tribute from a poet ODE
Try to prevent DETER
West Coast gas brand ARCO
Wish undone REGRET
Word said with a sigh ALAS
Yield the desired result BEARFRUIT
___ Bo (exercise system) TAE