Universal – Aug 26 2018

Clues Answers
“Liberal” things ARTS
Abridgement DIGEST
Activity promoters STIMULI
After-dinner filling? PIE
Amount-per-unit sizes DENSITIES
And others (in text) ETAL
Avoid detection SNEAK
Baronage members EARLS
Bay and Jamaica RUMS
Be laid up AIL
Biblical paradise EDEN
Blanco? No, U-turn NEGRO
Burning liquid LYE
Came to terms AGREED
Car? No, bigger SUV
Cash, lots WADS
Certain citrus fruit UGLI
Certain Indy car PACE
Cheese in red paraffin EDAM
Cocoon inhabitants PUPAE
Cold War, periodically? ERA
Cotton variety PIMA
Creative 68-Across with cutouts DECOUPAGE
Devotion to a deity PIETY
Dieter’s target GUT
Display warm affection CUDDLE
Dollar breakers DIMES
Downhill course SKIRUN
Fighting group ARMY
Fix, as a race RIG
Fla. hours EST
Frenchman’s title MONSIEUR
Good thing to crack BOOK
Guzzles? No, U-turn SIPS
Huron neighbor ERIE
Idiotic, as an idea INANE
Import-export differential TRADEGAP
Incenses RILES
Knotty, lumpy swelling NODE
Languish in prison ROT
Lets smash them! NETS
Lightheaded? BLONDE
Like LSD discouragers? ANTIACID
Like stuff from the ’30s OLD
Make extremely happy ELATE
Marriage within a group ENDOGAMY
Metered movers CABS
Mobile carrier’s stat DROPPEDCALLRATE
Moisture on green DEW
Mr. go-with MRS
Neighbor Flanders NED
Ness, for one GMAN
Never followed LED
One Guinness adjective MOST
Passes, as a stone EGESTS
Personal anecdotes ANAS
Pig home STY
Pre-18 person MINOR
Private wear UNDIES
Project completion info ETA
Quantity, briefly AMT
Real nice sister? NUN
Sci-fi movie staples ETS
Sentry’s job LOOKOUT
Serve up soup LADLE
Skinniest couple? ENS
Slow race runners LOSERS
Socket in a face EYE
Speak from memory RECITE
Speaker on a soapbox ORATOR
Store with potato salad DELI
Thin migratory fish EEL
Use some synergy TIEIN
What even the best hitters have BATTINGSLUMPS
Xylophone output TONES

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