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Universal – Aug 26 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Drat!” CRUD
“Grand” ice cream brand EDYS
“Ice Bucket Challenge” subj ALS
“Look Alive” and “Stayin’ Alive” SONGS
“Sticks and stones may break my bones …” elicitor NAMECALLING
“The Sixth ___” (Shyamalan film) SENSE
Abbr. in a list of authors ETAL
Actress Tyler LIV
Anjou or Bosc PEAR
Assorted: Abbr MISC
Beethoven’s “Moonlight ___” SONATA
Bit of land ISLE
Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ALERT
Brit’s surprised cry ISAY
Bunches and bunches ALOT
Calm under pressure COOL
Campus military org ROTC
Cartographer’s creation MAP
Casual Reddit interview, for short AMA
Caterpillar, e.g LARVA
Clog-clearing brand DRANO
Contend VIE
Convention plans AGENDAS
Cookie Monster’s street SESAME
Courage, informally GUTS
Courses with few obstacles? EASYAS
Cracked, as a door AJAR
Delta buildup SILT
Desert refuges OASES
Discoverer of Jupiter’s four largest moons GALILEO
Dreadful DIRE
Endmost bills in a till ONES
Farfalle, for one PASTA
Form of mutual aid for the 14-Across BARNRAISING
Geek (out) NERD
Half the “California Dreamin'” singers MAMAS
Hardly a neatnik SLOB
He sold his birthright ESAU
Hole in one, on a par three hole EAGLE
Indian flatbread ROTI
Insect in a colony ANT
It’s often passed down by word of mouth FOLKTALE
Kids’ party drink SODA
Lessened EASED
Like some language tests ORAL
Louise’s sister on “Bob’s Burgers” TINA
Malek of “Mr. Robot” RAMI
Mardi ___ GRAS
Monastery with a kung fu style SHAOLIN
More than OVER
Not fatty LEAN
Of the stars ASTRAL
Online commerce ETAIL
Other, in Oaxaca OTRO
Perfectly chosen APT
Preparing turkeys for a fancy meal, say? NAPKINFOLDING
Shoes that have colorways SNEAKERS
Simple-living sect AMISH
Slap bracelets and fidget spinners FADS
Slender-billed wader SNIPE
Some Southern Paiutes’ state UTAH
South Pacific archipelago FIJI
South Pacific island country SAMOA
Spread, as fingers SPLAY
State lines? MOTTOS
Stone-faced STOLID
Tough choice DILEMMA
USPS delivery MAIL
Valley with winery tours NAPA
Verifying, in a way CROSSCHECKING
Wave’s peak CREST
When Romeo meets Juliet ACTI
Wiped out ATEIT
Woody Guthrie’s son ARLO