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Universal – Aug 27 2018

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Clues Answers
“All ___ glitters …” THAT
“East of ___” EDEN
“Must see” statements RAVES
Adam of baseball JONES
Africa’s Sierra ___ LEONE
All fours part KNEE
Asian royal RAJA
Automated-task performers BOTS
Awesome or fabulous GREAT
Black, fancy EBON
Bone cavities ANTRA
Callous bread piece? HEEL
Canonical hour TERCE
Card for an actor CUE
Certain muscles BICEPS
Chinese “path” TAO
Compressed stuff AIR
Convenient bag TOTE
Cut out SNIP
Dawdle DELAY
Dentist-induced sound AAH
Discredit or disguise BELIE
Dojo blow CHOP
Employ again REHIRE
Exclamations of excitement OOHS
Flat plates DISKS
Followed back to a source TRACED
Footnote phrase (abbr.) ETAL
Forest fluid SAP
Get a look-see ESPY
Given to yap CHATTY
Gnat, for one PEST
Green isle ERIN
Gridiron attempt PASS
Harasses RIDES
Hefty swine BOAR
Hems and ___ HAWS
Horn-wearing goddess ISIS
Huddle to talk CONFER
Impossible acquisitions TWOOFEVERYTHING
Imposter POSER
Ireland’s Ireland EIRE
It runs to the Humber OUSE
Jesters’ relatives DUNCES
Kicks the tires of TESTS
Lady relative AUNTY
Laminated rock GNEISS
Lowest of the low NADIR
Mind-reader’s skill ESP
Native American crop MAIZE
Need, if no primer TWOCOATSOFPAINT
Neurotic feeling ANGST
On the roof of ATOP
Pajamas’ butt cover FLAP
Particle beam particles IONS
Penny CENT
Property figure? AREA
Rock band staple AMP
Ruler not seen since 1917 TSAR
Russo or Lacoste RENE
Salon’s making HAIRDO
Send down below LOWER
Simple beds BUNKS
Sioux City state IOWA
Stagger maker BOOZE
Stay, poetically ABIDE
Still, in verse THO
Sweetie alternative DEAREST
Treasure chest feature HASP
Type of pricing UNIT
Unceasingly NOEND
War god ARES
What a creditor holds LIEN
What a president takes OATH
Word of effort TRY
___ out a meager existence EKE