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Universal – Aug 29 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“57 Varieties” brand HEINZ
“7 Rings” singer Grande ARIANA
“Babe” HON
“Come back to earth!” BEREAL
“Darn it!” HECK
“Evil” actress Christine LAHTI
“I don’t want to” NAH
“Now I see!” AHA
“OMG an insect!” EEK
“You love,” to a Latin lover? AMAS
“___ queen!” YAS
’60s band that indirectly took its name from Sterno CANNEDHEAT
Ambulance abbr EMS
Author of the influential 2017 cookbook whose title appears at the ends of 15-, 23-, 45- and 54-Across SAMINNOSRAT
Automated Twitter account BOT
Be next to ABUT
Billionth: Prefix NANO
Bratty girl in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” VERUCASALT
Break, as bad habits UNLEARN
Brings in, as income EARNS
Canucks’ org NHL
Certain body sculptures TORSI
Closing call at an auction SOLD
Connecting cable initials HDMI
Consisting of zeros and ones BINARY
Courtroom typists STENOS
Cuddle ___ (snuggling period, slangily) SESH
Curved swords SCIMITARS
De Armas of “Blade Runner 2049” ANA
Developed a knack for TOOKTO
Doha’s country QATAR
Electrically versatile ACDC
Farmer’s market bag TOTE
Focus (on) ZEROIN
General in “Star Wars” sequels LEIA
Group of candidates SLATE
Hawke of “Reality Bites” ETHAN
How many contracts are signed ININK
In a hurried manner HASTILY
In danger ATRISK
It’s in lemons and limes CITRICACID
Long or Peeples NIA
Magna ___ laude CUM
Midway through, as a football game ATTHEHALF
Missing LOST
Move to another train track SHUNT
Name within “Maurice” RIC
Old-timey QUAINT
Org. that researches vaccines NIH
Pose a question ASK
Rapper’s asset FLOW
Revise, as a draft EDIT
Revolutionary Guevara CHE
Rich French bread BRIOCHE
Signable limb covers CASTS
Simple task CINCH
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Small part of a machine COG
Spiced tea type CHAI
St. Teresa’s city AVILA
Struts down the runway SASHAYS
Subj. with risk and reward ECON
Talk, talk, talk CHEWTHEFAT
Telly network BBC
Tequila brand that means “the bull” ELTORO
Tom or Jerry TOON
U-turn from SSW NNE
Utah site of the 2002 Olympics, for short SLC
Way to stomp grapes BAREFOOT
What VIP passes grant ACCESS
Words accompanying a shrug, often SOITGOES
___ Stadium (Mets’ former home) SHEA