Universal – Aug 29 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Don’t count me in” IMOUT
“Same for me” SODOI
“Spring forward, fall back” acronym DST
“Take this!” HERE
“Us” director Jordan PEELE
“___ Gonna Be Me” (NSYNC song) ITS
*mwah* KISS
*Some social media influencers CONTENTCREATORS
*Wall fixture in a den FLATSCREENTV
*Where to connect over drinks? INTERNETCAFE
Actor Guinness ALEC
Arises (from) STEMS
Barely make it, with “out” EKE
Capture on tape FILM
Carell of “The Office” STEVE
Change for the better, say EVOLVE
Cheese from Holland EDAM
Curse HEX
Destination for bottles and cans, and a hint to the word scrambled in each starred clue’s answer RECYCLINGCENTER
Dorothy’s pooch TOTO
Draw on a copper plate, say ETCH
Edwardian or Elizabethan period ERA
Enter the wrong password, e.g ERR
Envisions SEES
Fairy tale’s starting word ONCE
Folded foods that may be made with ahi TUNATACOS
Game on the links GOLF
Giraffes’ neck hairs MANES
Give up, as land CEDE
Have to, informally GOTTA
Hip dude MRCOOL
Hot and sour Thai soup TOMYUM
Ice cream giant EDYS
IT exec CTO
It might pick up an embarrassing remark HOTMIC
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kicks out of school EXPELS
Like a cute nerd, in slang ADORKABLE
Like prunes, vis-a-vis plums DRIED
Milky gem OPAL
Musical opener? ACTI
Name hidden in “American” ERIC
Nephews’ counterparts NIECES
Noisy med. scans MRIS
Numbered musical work OPUS
Off-roader: Abbr ATV
Office PC hookup LAN
Org. that scans luggage TSA
Pink drink, for short COSMO
Pinnacle ACME
Prefix for “biography” AUTO
Raise a paddle, say BID
Required NEEDED
Ripped TORE
Routine that’s hard to get out of RUT
Run out of juice DIE
Seaweed wrap NORI
Show appreciation to THANK
Sound of bliss AAH
Strives (for) AIMS
Supporter in battle ALLY
Tax pro CPA
Test for a college sr GRE
Trial version DEMO
Tubular pasta PENNE
Unauthorized character drawings FANART
Vegan skin care brand AVEDA
Video art pioneer Nam June PAIK
What an athlete may take in protest KNEE
Wizard’s garment CLOAK
Wolfed down ATE
Wood for barrel aging OAK
Worry FRET
Yellowish envelope type MANILA
Zellweger of “Chicago” RENEE
___ mortal MERE

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