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Universal – Aug 3 2018

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Clues Answers
“Bye!” in Italy CIAO
“No CPR” order DNR
ABC rival NBC
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Beatles nickname word FAB
Before of yore ERE
Biblical suffix ETH
Boat securers ROPES
Brit copper’s kin RMP
Cleaning cloth RAG
Condescender SNOB
Course for aspiring docs PREMED
Cpl.’s superior SGT
Deadens acoustically DAMPS
Discounted amount LESS
Dressed like Superman CAPED
First TV shows PILOTS
First, low and reverse GEARS
French diner BISTRO
Fruit type APPLE
Gets clean LAVES
Groups of nine ENNEADS
Indian’s home ASIA
Latched (onto) GLOMMED
Legendary boxer ALI
Like razor blades EDGED
Lingos CANTS
Linked-computers acronym LAN
Loser’s challenge REMATCH
Lowest temps for vapor combustion FLASHPOINTS
Make up for ATONE
Many college students COEDS
Mi followers FAS
N.Y. winter time EST
Nature’s rakers WINDS
Needle relatives STYLETS
Clues Answers
Nero’s eggs OVA
Not pre or post MID
Old cartoon and toy hero HEMAN
Ones on horses with mallets POLOISTS
Operated RAN
Parts of deals CARDS
Placed in piles SORTED
Poor box contributions ALMS
Preparations PLANS
Provide with a machete ARM
Psychiatrist’s appointments SESSIONS
Revealed all BARED
Roast subjects? WIENIES
Roman Senate locale CURIA
Rushed wildly CAREERED
Sample vittles TASTE
Score symbol, sometimes GCLEF
Seafood entree FILET
Ship capacity measure TONNAGE
Ship deck posts BITTS
Showroom cars DEMOS
Sign of winter FROST
Some are pale ALES
Some farm buildings SILOS
States positively AFFIRMS
Swine or bird ailment FLU
T.S. the poet ELIOT
Thing in an alley TRASHBARREL
Tripping substance LSD
Type of breath BATED
Vacation souvenirs TSHIRTS
Vera Wang, for one FASHIONISTA
Wet organisms ALGAE
What I hope your dreams do COMETRUE
___ apso (dog) LHASA