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Universal – Aug 3 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Boyz n the Hood” actress Long NIA
“My word!” ISAY
“Skip to My ___” LOU
“So close!” ALMOST
“___ been drinkin’ …” (Beyonce lyric) IVE
“___ get over it” ILL
Actor Joseph Gordon-___ LEVITT
Arrange, as a shawl DRAPE
Before surgery, informally PREOP
Bert’s foil on “Sesame Street” ERNIE
Blacken CHAR
Certain electric cars TESLAS
Clairvoyance, e.g., briefly ESP
Clarke who played Mother of Dragons EMILIA
Common autobiography subtitle AMEMOIR
Computing pioneer Lovelace ADA
Cryptography org THENSA
D&D, e.g RPG
Decorative vase URN
Design detail, for short SPEC
Drum for a toddler, maybe POT
Exams scored from 1-5 APTESTS
Exchange of cross words SPAT
Fir fluid SAP
Flight-related prefix AERO
Floral garland LEI
For-ev-er EON
Gets to first base MAKESOUT
Gives the green light OKAYS
Gloria Estefan’s Cuban birthplace HAVANA
Grade school semiformal accessory CLIPONTIE
In, now TRENDY
Jackson 5 hit with an alphabetical title ABC
Julia Roberts, to Emma Roberts AUNT
Know by intuition SENSE
Lead-in to “intellectual” PSEUDO
Like a trampoline BOUNCY
Like proofed dough RISEN
Mask or cloak VEIL
Nacho topping CHEESE
NBA legend Ming YAO
Night before a holiday EVE
Nintendo dinosaur YOSHI
One may devour “Chocolat” READER
Perfect garden EDEN
Place to exchange rings ALTAR
Powerful DC figure? SUPERMAN
Promotion on a podcast, say PLUG
Pronoun for Rihanna SHE
Rachel’s biblical sister LEAH
Renown FAME
Revealing, as one’s soul BARING
Reverent poem ODE
Rewards for “good boys” PATS
Rx from Dr. Mom TLC
Sitter’s handfuls IMPS
Snicker syllable HEH
Snip CUT
Softball stat RBI
Some lipstick shades REDS
Story trajectories ARCS
Streetcars TRAMS
Stretch, as the truth BEND
Suspicious FISHY
Tablet some take to bed IPAD
Take effect SETIN
Taxing periods, and a hint to 17-, 30- and 45-Across TRYINGTIMES
They may be stroked or inflated EGOS
They’re capped above two feet KNEES
This way: —> RIGHT
TikTok content, casually VIDS
Tracking device LOCATOR
Very enterprising people GOGETTERS
What an electric car doesn’t use GAS
When to present a case COURTDATE
When to sample wedding desserts CAKETASTING
When to test an app BETAPHASE
___ gobi (Indian dish) ALOO