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Universal – Aug 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Certainly,” by the Seine OUI
“Cross my heart!” NOLIE
“Daylight savings waffle giveaway” brand EGGO
“The Matrix” protagonist NEO
“This means war” ITSON
Aircraft’s delay maneuvers, or what 20-, 27- and 48-Across are doing? HOLDINGPATTERNS
Arcade game with a mallet (Letters 4-7) WHACAMOLE
Arena arbiter REF
Big bother ADO
Big name in lawn care SCOTTS
Bombed at the box office FLOPPED
Camel part HUMP
Celine Dion hit heard in “Titanic” (In this clue’s answer, see letters 7-11) MYHEARTWILLGOON
Comedian’s joke GAG
Cried “Foul,” perhaps UMPED
Davis of “Thelma & Louise” GEENA
Demon’s counterpart ANGEL
Demonstrates for SHOWSTO
Fish in a 2003 Pixar film NEMO
Flower stalk STEM
Garden District’s city, informally NOLA
Go back to square one (Letters 2-7) STARTANEW
Google Play purchases APPS
Group that protects a QB OLINE
Hat, slangily LID
Head-scratchers ENIGMAS
Ho-hum BLAH
Igneous rock source MAGMA
Ilhan in the House OMAR
Insurance fraud crime, commonly ARSON
Intention AIM
Jazzy Jones or James ETTA
Just slightly AWEEBIT
Kim Possible, e.g TOON
Large quantity SLEW
Letter after rho SIGMA
Light and open AIRY
Like almost all BYU students MORMON
Look surprised GAPE
Manipulated into questioning oneself GASLIT
Mathematician Turing ALAN
Mixer at a bar, often SODA
Mouthfuls of Bubblicious WADS
Much-thanked group on Oscar night, with “The” ACADEMY
Mud bath venues SPAS
Nobelist Morrison TONI
Not looking good GRIM
Oaxacan bread? PESO
Opposite of 34-Across NON
Org. for good drivers? LPGA
Part of UCLA LOS
Peeve RILE
Persia, now IRAN
Pink hue ROSE
Puma competitor ADIDAS
Qualities TRAITS
Race that’s winding down? SLALOM
Renders speechless AWES
Researcher’s funding GRANT
Rigatoni or rotini PASTA
Says grace, e.g PRAYS
Shoots the breeze GABS
Shrimp go-with, on a Southern menu GRITS
Sinful animal? SLOTH
Sound effect in a canyon ECHO
Sports squad TEAM
Summer mo. without a federal holiday AUG
Tick away ELAPSE
Touches up, as text EDITS
Tropical destination ISLE
Ugg product BOOT
Westernmost country in Africa SENEGAL
Where Adam and Eve met EDEN
Whispered summons PSST
Wrangler’s rope LARIAT
___ dish (microbiologist’s item) PETRI