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Universal – Aug 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Don’t go! STAY
___, humbug! BAH
A blood thinner prevents it CLOT
A pealing noise BONG
Airhead kin DOPE
Answer politely? No SASS
Articulates SAYS
Astringent fruits SLOES
Bird in “concerned”? ERNE
Blades’ liquid DEW
Calm ship side ALEE
Camelot woman ENID
Cheerful, as an outlook ROSY
Cold cut meat SALAMI
Comet alternative AJAX
Common download APP
Commoner, briefly PLEB
Convert atoms, in a way IONIZE
Cracked open AJAR
Cutlass maker? Not lately (briefly) OLDS
Delphic shrine ORACLE
Digs into the sides? WIDENS
Direction enders ERNS
Dish for a worrywart? STEW
Divided, as real estate ZONED
Do in tandem COACT
Dutch cheese EDAM
Early Andean INCA
Electric power? No SOLAR
Everyday greetings HELLOS
Fancy, non-fancy ADORE
Geneva’s lake LEMAN
How a sluggard moves INERTLY
Hygiene type ORAL
Intense feeling of love ARDOR
Is apparent SEEMS
It lets others hear you MIKE
Jillian’s favorite reptile? JILLERCROCODILE
King in India RAJAH
Latex-glove additive ALOE
Legendary Patsy CLINE
Letters from Greece? ETAS
List entry ITEM
Long-billed wader HERON
Martial or liberal, for two ARTS
Newton throwing bombs CAM
Nowhere near gregarious ASOCIAL
Office-seeker’s verb ELECT
Old-style watches ANALOGS
President who wed in office TYLER
Prophetic one SEER
Protest variety SITIN
Real estate offering UNIT
Resistance figures OHMS
Rise like a kite SOAR
Science-fiction publisher TOR
Shade of blue NILE
Skin irritation RASH
Skylit central areas ATRIA
Sleep interrupters NOISES
Small three-masted ships XEBECS
Snake oil cops FDA
Stack PILE
Start a line? SIRE
Stock value term ATPAR
Stops being busy RESTS
Tommy Jones’ middle LEE
Town ____ (news shouters) CRIERS
Toyland tot BABE
Triangular dress ALINE
Unlit candles? BLEW
What Jillian does to an application? JILLINTHEBLANKS
What Jillian is on the farm? JILLEROFTHESOIL
Where pupils dart about CLASSES
Worthless firework DUD