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Universal – Aug 30 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
“Do ___ others …” UNTO
“Encore!” AGAIN
“Fiddlesticks!” PSHAW
“Hold on a ___!” SEC
“I was at the club that night,” e.g ALIBI
“Ice Age” sloth SID
“Not to mention …” ALSO
“The Golden Girls” actress Getty ESTELLE
“Tosca” solo ARIA
1836 Mexican victory site ALAMO
1992 Edward James Olmos film AMERICANME
A6 automaker AUDI
Absorbed, as a cost ATE
Addition column next to tens ONES
Australian bird EMU
Australian gem OPAL
Baby’s boo-boo OWIE
Backstabber RAT
Bar mitzvah dance HORA
Blacken CHAR
Boris Godunov, for one TSAR
Chiwetel Ejiofor’s role in 2019’s “The Lion King” SCAR
Cloak-and-dagger org CIA
Come up again RECUR
Computer at the front of a machine? MAC
Conk out DIE
Cordelia’s father LEAR
Crowning point ACME
Current event? ELNINO
Degs. for Lisa Leslie and Melinda Gates MBAS
En ___ (as a whole) MASSE
End of the lament BUTITSPOINTLESS
Entertains at home HASIN
Far from ruddy ASHY
God worshipped in Mecca ALLAH
Heads-up ALERT
Hockey legend whose surname sounds like a conjunction ORR
Hyatt competitor OMNI
Indigenous Japanese religion SHINTO
Jason’s ship ARGO
Jr.’s jr III
Lead-in to “drop” or “stand” MIC
Less cordial ICIER
Like some goodbyes TEARY
Love, in Lima AMOR
Macho guys HEMEN
Make, as money EARN
Makes a racket CLAMORS
Mongolian residence YURT
More of the lament PATENTONAPENCIL
More of the lament WITHDUALERASERS
One may have a big heart ACE
Palindromic pic TAT
Periods in history books ERAS
Playground fixture with a ladder SLIDE
Podded plant PEA
Prepare to throw an ax AIM
Prez on a five ABE
Proven over a long period TIMETESTED
Reusable bag TOTE
Side length squared, for a square AREA
Sometimes-flourless cake TORTE
Start of an inventor’s lament IAMTRYINGTOGETA
Strap that Santa holds REIN
That stallion HIM
Tuneful twosome DUET
Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” NIA
Ward of “Once and Again” SELA
Water, in Evian EAU
Yemeni gulf port ADEN
___ lion SEA