Universal – Aug 30 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Bleeding Love” singer Lewis LEONA
“What the ___ is that?” HECK
*A comics menace behaved immorally DENNISSINNED
*Bottoms of racing yachts SLEEKKEELS
*Dignified beer REGALLAGER
*The entire class gets the wrong answer PUPILSSLIPUP
Addams family cousin ITT
Adjust (to) ATTUNE
Alerts WARNS
Book group? CHAPTERS
Commit to memory LEARN
Common face shape OVAL
Cross-legged yoga pose LOTUS
Cute Easter treats PEEPS
Defeated by a hair EDGED
Deodorant brand that inspired a Nirvana hit TEENSPIRIT
Dickinson who penned “‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers” EMILY
European boot? ITALY
Every so often NOWANDTHEN
Federal ID SSN
Fireplace insert LOG
Former SeaWorld attraction SHAMU
Frame job SETUP
Friend, in Paris AMIE
Fudges the facts LIES
Future SCOTUS member’s exam LSAT
Gullible NAIVE
Harvest REAP
Hash browns’ basis POTATO
Ill-fated queen Boleyn ANNE
Indian musical pattern RAGA
Inquires ASKS
It sits on a saucer TEACUP
It’s found in pits TAR
King or queen, but not princess CARD
Like a haunted house EERIE
Like this puzzle THEMED
Lovers’ quarrel SPAT
Maroon at a chalet, maybe ICEIN
Mete out ALLOT
Mind ___ matter OVER
More nerdy GEEKIER
Name hidden in “focal length” ALLEN
Paper fastener STAPLE
Pie nut PECAN
Poems of glorification ODES
Prime minister, e.g PREMIER
Pull the strings of CONTROL
Put in stitches SEW
Rate of pay WAGE
Rebellious rock genre PUNK
Religious faction SECT
SFO screeners’ group TSA
Small bill ONE
Small complaints NITS
Smarty-___ PANTS
Smooth and charming SUAVE
Snacks (on) MUNCHES
Soviet gymnast Korbut OLGA
Spoken exams ORALS
Squiggly Spanish marks TILDES
Sure thing, informally SLAMDUNK
Taste that’s not sweet, salty, sour or bitter UMAMI
The “C” of BBC: Abbr CORP
They don’t appreciate being tipped COWS
Tiny branch TWIG
Toon frame CEL
Tripod’s trio LEGS
Warty amphibian TOAD
Where only two people have been EDEN
Write the wrong date, e.g ERR
___ & Perrins (sauce brand) LEA
___ Says (kids game) SIMON

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