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Universal – Aug 31 2018

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Clues Answers
“The ___ Has Landed” EGO
“Who ___ to judge?” AMI
1 billion-plus country INDIA
A weapon discharge RIFLESHOT
Adjust a trip meter RESET
Angel’s symbol HALO
Aves.? No, close STS
Blows the victory LOSES
Boys, girls, men, women PEOPLE
Brazilian tourist spot, briefly RIO
Brief time period SEC
Castor bean poison RICIN
Certain discriminator AGIST
City by Marseilles LYONS
Clinch, as a victory SEAL
Complicated situation SNARL
Copycat APER
Dads near hay SIRES
Dazed and confused ASEA
Deep admirer ADORER
Delta 88 maker, once, briefly OLDS
Diminutive brats IMPS
Disgusting food SLOP
Do fingerpainting SMEAR
European volcano ETNA
Exorbitant, as a price STEEP
Female pigs SOWS
Flight attendant’s domain AISLE
Full of eagerness AGOG
Function USE
Glossy gown material SATIN
Horse opera OATER
Hot expedition SAFARI
Intimate friend PAL
It’s shaken at the table SALT
Its shell is edible PIE
Late movie star Christopher REEVE
Letter-shaped fitting ORING
Like unmemorable sleep? DREAMLESS
Lizard in a home IGUANA
Make two metals one WELD
Manicurist’s charges? NAILS
Massachusetts university TUFTS
Milk producer UDDER
Mislead knowingly DUPE
Missing from base AWOL
NOW apply the proper postage REMAIL
One way to run LOPE
Pessimist’s ledger sheet heading? LOSSANDPROFIT
Pessimist’s proposal hope? MARRIAGEANDLOVE
Pessimist’s testing technique? ERRORANDTRIAL
Pitcher’s moneymaker ARM
Private, as thoughts INNER
Put on YouTube AIR
Readies PREPS
Relatives of donkeys ASSES
Reproductive organs UTERI
Rock of Australia AYERS
Rug-buyer’s measure AREA
Run past the center RUSH
Run ___ of (violate) AFOUL
Runs allowed stats ERAS
Selling one’s goods OPEN
Skedaddle LAM
Some poplars ASPENS
Strike, in a way SLAP
Stuff to capacity FILL
Sunny courtyards ATRIA
Supreme ending EST
Swedish “Lawrence” LARS
They accompany “ohs” AHS
Trial recorder STENO
Up to, for short TIL
Vintner’s valley NAPA
Walk in water WADE
With it, if you’re 78 HEP
Work unit ERG
Zoo creature, (briefly) HIPPO