Universal – Aug 31 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“All Things Considered” network NPR
“Be that as it may” EVENSO
“Don’t worry about me” IMOK
“For ___ a jolly …” HES
“Humph, humbug!” BAH
“Where the Wild Things Are” author Maurice SENDAK
Accolades KUDOS
AM/FM device RADIO
Armstrong who reached the moon NEIL
Automated sweeper ROOMBA
Big fuss ADO
Big toe woe BUNION
Bills that will feature Harriet Tubman TWENTIES
Brew that may be brown ALE
Choice made while drunk? LITDECISION
Church bench PEW
Control the wheel STEER
DJs’ selections SONGS
Dr. Frankenstein’s workplace LAB
Drastically reduce DECIMATE
End of Mozilla’s URL ORG
Fainthearted boxer? RINGCHICKEN
Glance over SCAN
Goat known for its wool ANGORA
Grant, as an award BESTOW
Guacamole fruits AVOCADOS
Heads-up for Edmonton hockey fans? OILERALERT
Home of the world’s tallest building DUBAI
Hop aboard GETON
Indian dish hidden in “vindaloo” DAL
Injures HARMS
Is real EXISTS
Jet that broke Mach 1: Abbr SST
Kind of chop or kick KARATE
Letters from the government? SSN
Lil ___ X (“Industry Baby” rapper) NAS
Log splitter: Var AXE
Low site for a bracelet ANKLE
Low-___ image RES
Many laptops PCS
Moody music genre EMO
Musical finish OUTRO
National ___ (D.C. park) MALL
Pays to play poker ANTES
Pie crust fat LARD
Poke with a toothpick STAB
Pop star Grande, informally ARI
Put-down SLUR
Raven sound CAW
Set apart SEPARATE
Shoot for the moon GOBIG
Signal silently NODAT
Sinfully desire COVET
Slow movement, in music ADAGIO
Some upscale hotels OMNIS
Specialized talk LINGO
Starting point for most video games LEVELONE
Stick-on design DECAL
Suffix for “Japan” ESE
Tailless primate APE
They may serve as chefs and chauffeurs PARENTS
Totally awesome BADASS
Tourist’s reference AREAMAP
Tours’ river LOIRE
Vail regular SKIBUM
What prevented a biblical boat from leaking? ARKPLUG
What’s needed to split “the check” online? SPACEBAR
Whole heap TON
Wild things BEASTS
Windows precursor MSDOS
Women in habits NUNS
Word before “balm” or “reading” LIP
Yoko who sang “No, No, No” ONO

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