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Universal – Aug 4 2018

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Clues Answers
“Come on in!” ENTER
“___ Frome” ETHAN
440 yards, often LAP
Actions DEEDS
Aden’s land YEMEN
Any one-seeded fruit DRUPE
Be way fussy RAISEASTINK
Biology class study RNA
Broom of twigs BESOM
Caught in a trap SNARED
Chorus stand RISER
Counting everything INTOTO
Courage or gall NERVE
Creepy EERIE
Dignified manners MIENS
Elicited EVOKED
Exchange-of-ideas meeting SEMINAR
Fight stopper TRUCE
Fineness-of-silk measure DENIER
Flanders on TV NED
Formulated belief CREDO
Found turnaround? LOST
Funny one’s asset WIT
Gil Grissom’s TV affliction AUTISM
Greek letter RHO
In the ___ of (among) MIDST
Irritate ANNOY
Landmass in water ISLET
Little Darth ANI
Long, weird trip ODYSSEY
Lowly joints? KNEES
Made over REDONE
Manning of the NFL ELI
Marriage and others RITES
Noodle dish PASTA
Old Russian bigwig TSAR
Clues Answers
One recommending tablets DOSER
Opportunities, metaphorically DOORS
Overstuffed SATED
Parapsychology letters ESP
PC’s thinker CPU
Pedigree dog? No CUR
Presume to be SEEAS
Provides with a new title RENAMES
Quick and nimble AGILE
Ready to hit the sack TIRED
Ride-hitching fish REMORA
Rodent-sighter’s squeal EEK
Sacred song PSALM
Scrub successfully CLEANSEAWAY
Sewing sticker PIN
Sing by changing register DESCANT
Slight paralysis PARESIS
Snow White’s sister ROSERED
Sport with belts KARATE
Sport-___ (large vehicle) UTE
Stowed away STASHED
Super long story SAGA
Swiss canton URI
Team self-esteem MORALE
Title gained in church? MRS
Tricky breaking ball SLIDER
Trigonometry findings SINES
Try out anew RETEST
Upscale bathroom fixtures BIDETS
Voice of Shrek MYERS
Walked leisurely MOSEYED
Wet period in the tropics RAINYSEASON
Winter commodity HEAT
Without a captain UNLED
Word with “hand” UPPER
___ Rouge (Cambodian regime) KHMER