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Universal – Aug 4 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Car Talk” network NPR
“The Silence of the Lambs” protagonist CLARICE
“The Simpsons” bartender MOE
“Uh-huh” YEAH
“___ Eleven” (2001 heist comedy) OCEANS
“___ is well” ALL
Albacore and bluefin TUNAS
Artistic inspiration MUSE
Banded gem ONYX
Be untruthful with LIETO
Belief with spirit animals TOTEMISM
Brings shame to DISHONORS
Burn slightly SINGE
Button often clicked moments before noticing a typo SEND
Casual talk CHAT
Church recess APSE
Compostable straws? HAY
Deductive skill LOGIC
Dinosaur experts (Hint: Read this answer’s last 3 letters first) EONTOLOGISTSPAL
Draw in LURE
Duct ___ TAPE
Enjoys a newspaper READS
Fish eggs ROE
Gadget GIZMO
Game cube DIE
Game with Reverse cards UNO
Garment such as an obi SASH
Golden or brown brew ALE
Head of state? TRI
Into many things? (… last 4 letters first) RIALISTICMATE
Japanese port city OSAKA
Like many restaurants DINEIN
Low-cost lodging (… last 3 letters first) GETHOTELBUD
New Deal prez FDR
Nickname within “Absalom” SAL
Oboe necessity REED
One of its Roadsters is in space TESLA
One who takes a vow, or a pledge SISTER
One-dollar chips at a high rollers’ table, say (… last 4 letters first) PCHANGECHUM
Out of battery power DEAD
Oversaw LED
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Piece of work TASK
Piglet’s sound OINK
Produced electronically, as music SYNTHESIZED
Reach out to, colloquially HITUP
Regret RUE
Rigidity’s opposite LOOSENESS
Rihanna wore one for a British Vogue cover DURAG
Rios and Sorentos KIAS
Roll of cash WAD
Russia, once: Abbr USSR
Sect wary of technology AMISH
Shirt shot from a cannon TEE
Siesta NAP
Slimy lump GOB
Songwriter Gershwin IRA
Southern fried vegetable OKRA
Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Stock option? SELL
Substance control org DEA
Texter’s “When will you be here?” ETA
Those who stick together forever, or a theme hint FRIENDSTOTHEEND
Ticket tear-off STUB
Touch on the back PAT
Trivia champion Jennings KEN
Two-piece swimsuit BIKINI
Wanted poster letters AKA
Weaving device LOOM
What skaters “catch” after jumping AIR
When a beach trip is especially nice WINTERBREAK
Word after “flower” or “oyster” BED
___ Sutra KAMA