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Universal – Aug 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“… ___ lack thereof” ORA
“A long time ___ in a galaxy …” AGO
“Such a shame” SOSAD
“That’s terrible!” OHNO
“You can’t make me!” IWONT
“___ Miserables” LES
$1,500 per month, e.g RATE
Acquires GAINS
Actress Rodriguez GINA
Apartment dweller RENTER
Bamboo stem CANE
Beach hut CABANA
Blue state sen., often DEM
Bottled spirit GENIE
British brew ALE
Calculating person? (Anagram letters 4-10) MATHTEACHER
Capital of Norway OSLO
Child’s cut-out toy (Anagram letters 2-8) PAPERDOLL
Cocoa cup MUG
Come out EMERGE
Core group CADRE
Cut drastically SLASH
Deadly serpent ASP
Deodorant brand whose name suggests dryness ARRID
Disney’s “___ in Toyland” BABES
Doing business OPEN
DOJ agency ATF
Equipment for paparazzi CAMERAS
Excited cry WHEE
Fanatic NUT
Ferocious feline, or a theme hint WILDCAT
Flight in which you might receive a blanket REDEYE
Fold in the laundry room? CREASE
Frozen formations FLOES
Ham it up EMOTE
Hosp. area ICU
Houston ballplayer ASTRO
In the know AWARE
Indiana-to-Ohio direction EAST
Jeans brand LEE
Large concert venue ARENA
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Less assertive SHYER
Lexus competitor ACURA
Make hard to read, in a way ENCODE
Medicinal quantities DOSES
NASCAR legend Earnhardt DALE
October birthstone OPAL
Old West watering hole SALOON
On, like a lamp LIT
Owns HAS
Painful head rub NOOGIE
Party snack not eaten by itself DIP
Photoshop maker ADOBE
Pleased GLAD
Poem of praise ODE
Publishing VIPs EDS
Rescue squad member: Abbr EMT
San ___ (university city near San Diego) MARCOS
Scoop’s sweet support (In this clue’s answer, anagram letters 2-7) SUGARCONE
Sign seen in the stands HIMOM
Singer Tucker TANYA
Smell of freshly baked cookies, e.g AROMA
So___ (L.A.’s region) CAL
Start up, as a computer BOOT
Stir up, as curiosity AROUSE
Summits ACMES
Superhero fashion accessories CAPES
Texas home of the Dr Pepper Museum WACO
Texas university RICE
They’re seen in circuses and horror films CLOWNS
Underground spots for storing veggies (Anagram letters 2-7) ROOTCELLARS
Vietnam War protester Yoko ONO
Where a toddler goes? POTTY
Without exception BARNONE
___ fly (MLB play) SAC