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Universal – Aug 5 2018

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Clues Answers
” ___ the ramparts …” OER
“But then again …” YET
“Friends” actor Le Blanc MATT
“Hairspray” character EDNA
“Life in Pieces” character TYLER
“My goodness!” kin OHO
“So there you ___” ARE
1 of 5 in this puzzle ACE
56 of old Rome LVI
Act against OPPOSE
Adjust a camera FOCUS
Approx EST
Arrange blind dates SETUP
Artist Yoko ONO
Bar shot, sometimes RYE
Bolshevik foe TSARIST
Bookmark, essentially PLACEHOLDER
Bro or sis SIB
Cameo carvings RELIEFS
Capital on the Atlantic RABAT
Caroling season YULE
Check on a patient RESEE
Convenient warmer SPACEHEATER
Credit alternative DEBIT
Dispatch boat AVISO
Eliminate writing ERASE
Farm producer COW
Fertilizer compound NITRATE
Film scrolling CREDITS
Friendship branch? OLIVE
Furnishings, e.g DECOR
Gem angle BEVEL
Gets angry and how RAGES
Grant’s opponent LEE
Homer Simpson’s dad ABE
Idiosyncrasy TIC
Incited (with “on”) EGGED
It can be syrupy SAP
Clues Answers
Its flag is white, green and red OMAN
Jrs. no more SRS
Kiki or Ruby DEE
Letter-ending abbr PPS
Library visitor READER
McLain who won 31 in ’68 DENNY
More fitting APTER
Mushrooms, molds, e.g FUNGI
Nordstrom, for one STORE
Overwhelm, as fire ENGULF
Pit stop stuff GAS
Pocketful of poetry? POSIES
Porcelain pitcher EWER
Prefix meaning “straight” ORTHO
Puts into play USES
Red-wrapped cheese GOUDA
Releases from a cage UNPENS
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Six-sided state UTAH
Smoke and cow? HOLIES
Some sea creatures SEALS
Strange and quirky ODD
Sweat-inducing MUGGY
System of belief CREDO
They’re on the cutting edge PACESETTERS
Tongue-in-cheek FACETIOUSLY
Trip in the head EGO
Type of colony PENAL
Type of limit or space OUTER
Vision SIGHT
Voice a tale NARRATE
Wee imp RASCAL
Western affirmative? YEP
What villains are up to NOGOOD
Wine containers BARRELS
Wordy tribute ODE
Your mom in Paris MERE
___ Marie Saint EVA