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Universal – Aug 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“… ish” ORSO
“Bald” bird EAGLE
“Deep Rock Galactic” resource ORE
“Heads or tails” item COIN
“Just act natural!” BECOOL
“Milk’s favorite cookie” OREO
“That kitten is SO cute” AWW
*Bed coverings that are unfit for a king? QUEENSIZESHEETS
*Movies, books, paintings, etc ARTFORMS
*Researchers on track to be profs POSTDOCS
*Summer theme park attractions WATERSLIDES
50% HALF
A cryptographer might crack one CODE
Author Zola EMILE
Best of the best ELITE
Bestie BFF
Big jump LEAP
Big ol’ nerd DORK
Body part with a hammer, anvil and stirrup EAR
Captain Morgan products RUMS
Car part used on a rainy day WIPER
Cloud storage option whose apps are featured at the ends of the starred clues’ answers GOOGLEDRIVE
Color similar to teal AQUA
Conservationist Fossey DIAN
Coral ___ (home to 25% of all marine life) REEFS
Destiny FATE
Diamond specialists? UMPS
Disparaging SNIDE
Enjoyed some pad thai ATE
Evening party SOIREE
Fended (off) STAVED
File format that’s often mispronounced GIF
Fiscal bigwig CFO
Garment that protects against splatter APRON
Get hitched in Vegas, say ELOPE
Great ___ (big dogs) DANES
Hits snooze too many times OVERSLEEPS
Hold tightly CLASP
Hullabaloo FUSS
Intel-gathering mission RECON
Inventor’s goal PATENT
Japanese energy healing REIKI
Knighted folks SIRS
Kylo ___ REN
Lb. parts OZS
Like a bad situation DIRE
Like dry wit WRY
Like some wine or cheese AGED
Love to pieces ADORE
Messy person SLOB
Neon sign word OPEN
Not serious JOKEY
One-named model known for romance novel covers FABIO
Optometrist’s organ EYE
Part of the psyche EGO
Person who buys hops BEERBREWER
Place to go in London? LAV
Punch bowl utensils LADLES
Romantic partner BEAU
Samosa morsel PEA
Screw up ERR
Seattle has the only zero-carbon one in the world ARENA
Simpson with a blue beehive hairstyle MARGE
Sixteenth prez ABE
Sympathize RELATE
Tender cut of pork LOIN
They might be skipped STONES
Tomato variety ROMA
Total jerk ASS
Twitter headquarters? NEST
Units of land ACRES
Uses a turntable DJS
Vision-related OPTIC
Watch secretly SPYON
Whopper LIE
___ Alley (wizards’ shopping hub) DIAGON
___ Fire (indie rock band) ARCADE