Universal – Aug 6 2018

Clues Answers
“48 ___” (film) HRS
“Gone With the Wind” star LEIGH
“Hear” without hearing LIPREAD
“King” preceder ALA
“What ___ do you want?” ELSE
“Woe is me” gatherings, PPS PITYPARTIES
Abhors HATES
Actress Lohan LINDSAY
Asian belt OBI
Astute and clever SLY
Baltimore-based civil rights org NAACP
Chances upon MEETS
Cherry items PITS
Chuck with the kicks NORRIS
Circus performer TAMER
Coat feature LAPEL
Common cooler ICE
Convex molding OVOLO
Coughing everywhere ILL
Doesn’t go along with RESISTS
Downloadable item APP
Dug in ATE
Eerie plant that spreads? CREEPER
Establishment foe REBEL
Feature of a pipe organ REEDSTOP
Food scrap ORT
Football’s Goodell ROGER
Formalwear of old TOPHATS
Garage to Canadians PARKADE
Goddess of wisdom MINERVA
Goo for a do GEL
Greek first letter ALPHA
Handgun PISTOL
Heating option OIL
Human cord VOCAL
Hundred Acre Wood hopper ROO
Clues Answers
Iraqi currency DINAR
It takes practice SKILL
It’s for those coming clean TUB
It’s listening EAR
Kind of wet hands DISHPAN
London park HYDE
Mimicry APERY
More 48-Across ILLER
No-nos DONTS
One-percenters ELITES
Opinion piece, essentially ESSAY
Out of this world ALIEN
P, to Socrates RHO
Piano practice piece ETUDE
Picnic conveniences, PPS PAPERPLATES
Poets of sadness ELEGISTS
Prefix for four TETRA
Prepare for a rebuild GUT
Quite feminine GIRLIE
Reproductive cell OVULE
School meeting grp PTA
Short respite NAP
Skeleton part TIBIA
Some are sharks, PPS POOLPLAYERS
Some family men, PPS PAPAS
Some loaves RYES
Spelunker CAVER
Stock tankers, PPS POISONPILLS
The Bible’s psalmist DAVID
Track shape OVAL
U-turn from host PARASITE
Wavy fabric pattern MOIRE
___ Leone SIERRA
___ Royce ROLLS
___ spell (relax) SITA

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