Universal – Aug 6 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Checkmate,” essentially IWIN
“Fancy” country singer REBA
“I was solving a crossword when it happened,” e.g ALIBI
“Ish” ORSO
“Mummified,” like a house TPED
“Oh, shoot!” DARN
“Queen Sugar” channel OWN
“This round’s ___” ONME
“Time to kick my shoes off!” IMHOME
“Yeah, I’ll pass” UMNO
“___ the Damn Season” (Taylor Swift song) TIS
“___ the word!” MUMS
A bad argument might have one HOLE
Actor ___ Patrick Harris NEIL
Angry MAD
Big: Prefix MEGA
Bird on a Canadian coin LOON
Bottom-heavy fruit PEAR
Cabbage type often used in kimchi NAPA
Certain frozen foods with crusts DIGIORNOPIZZAS
Claim you had no idea PLEADIGNORANCE
Cleverness WIT
Cover up, as a gift WRAP
Cracker brand used for some casseroles RITZ
Dark berry ACAI
Desertlike ARID
Desserts eaten on 3/14 PIES
Devoured, literally or figuratively ATEUP
Dough for a deal? ANTE
Dragged (into) ROPED
Entered gradually EASEDIN
Environmental activist Brockovich ERIN
Extra piece SCRAP
First South American city to host the Olympics RIO
Fit for a queen REGAL
Fix, as laces RETIE
Fresh NEW
Frodo’s companion SAM
Gendered fashion label? MENS
German for “the” DAS
Get overwhelmed, so to speak DROWN
Good bills for a vending machine ONES
Got onto the ballot RAN
If not ELSE
Indian garment worn with a choli SARI
Intermountain West tribe UTE
Laura of “Marriage Story” DERN
Legendary EPIC
Light spray MIST
Like the coolest coffee? ICED
Metaphorical opportunities DOORS
Michigan, e.g., in Chicago: Abbr AVE
Nerve GALL
Notable New Orleans necklace MARDIGRASBEADS
Nut found in turtles PECAN
Parentheticals in a play ASIDES
Perfectly clean SPOTLESS
Person who never complains STOIC
Place for a pint PUB
Pompous tyrant TINGOD
Popular chat room platform, once AOL
Prince’s “Purple ___” RAIN
Question a college-bound senior might ask WHERESHOULDIGO
Savior HERO
Scholarship funders DONORS
Shawkat of “Arrested Development” ALIA
Smooth and charming SUAVE
Start of many a French bistro name CHEZ
Stew often topped with sour cream CHILI
They make records SCRIBES
Those, in Toledo ESOS
Word after “back” … or before “elbows” RUB
___ for the ride ALONG

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