Universal – Aug 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Can’t believe I did that!” DOH
“EastEnders” network BBC
“For sure!” YES
“Just kidding!” NOT
“Kapow!” BAM
“Now I get it!” AHA
“Pass” NAH
“That’s for sure!” ILLSAY
“To ___ it mildly …” PUT
“Yippee!” HURRAH
*James Bond portrayer in “Die Another Day” PIERCEBROSNAN
*Vision portrayer in “The Avengers” PAULBETTANY
*With 59-Across, Frank Barone portrayer in “Everybody Loves Raymond” PETER
30-Across at an omelet bar HAM
An anticoagulant helps prevent one CLOT
Apply to USEON
Baby’s spill catchers BIBS
Bawl SOB
Bird of the crow family JAY
Boat that was about 510 feet long ARK
Booster for a bassist AMP
Borscht veggies BEETS
Boxing match setting ARENA
Certain Miamian, by birth CUBAN
City bus path: Abbr RTE
Clean with water WASH
Coin in Helsinki EURO
Competed in a turkey trot RAN
Composting receptacle BIN
Digital clock toggle AMPM
Electrolysis particles IONS
Eternal resting place TOMB
Fantasy golf factoid, briefly STAT
Far from bold TIMID
Fruit variety that originated in New York EMPIREAPPLE
Gendered restroom sign MEN
Geological period ERA
Get precisely right PINDOWN
Good smell AROMA
Great Lake with the most fish ERIE
Greet with respect BOWTO
Heavy noble gas RADON
High or low card ACE
Hill-building insect ANT
Jewel box inserts CDS
Lab experiments TESTS
Leader of Kuwait EMIR
Lyft alternative CAB
Make a mess of BOTCH
Make sense, informally COMPUTE
More than a few MANY
Mournful bell toll KNELL
Mutton or venison MEAT
Nest egg fund: Abbr IRA
Nickname for Jets legend Namath BROADWAYJOE
Nudge PROD
Opposite of clear-cut NUANCED
Ordered takeout, perhaps ATEIN
Perfect scores for divers TENS
Protective atmospheric layer OZONE
Public uproar FUROR
Quilting square PATCH
Ready for customers OPEN
Retired professor’s title EMERITA
Scar, to Simba UNCLE
Seasonal bug FLU
See 4-Across BOYLE
Signaled approval NODDED
Soprano’s solo, sometimes ARIA
Spicy Mexican marinade ADOBO
Star … or each starred answer, based on his initials? LEADACTOR
Staycation place HOME
Sun-blocking hats BONNETS
The Nefertiti Bust, e.g RELIC
There are six in a million ZEROES
Thumbs-up votes AYES
Touch a side of ABUT
Two pills a day, e.g DOSE

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