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Universal – Aug 8 2018

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Clues Answers
“Guarding ___” (MacLaine movie) TESS
“___ better to have loved …” TIS
2:45 hours to midnight minus 5? QUARTERPASTFOUR
67.5 degrees in directions ENE
About a C SOSO
Additional items EXTRAS
Armageddon faction EVIL
Avoid detection SNEAK
Bad-tempered woman VIRAGO
Ball ___ hammer PEEN
Bank posting RATE
Barking creatures SEALS
Base eight system OCTAL
Bide oneĐ“%82’s time AWAIT
Big name in chicken TYSON
Canned soup instruction HEAT
Coal site MINE
Comics penguin OPUS
Counting sequence minus 5? FIVESIXTWOEIGHT
Crooner Cole NAT
Easy-to-carry woodwind OBOE
Egg station OVARY
Elegant touch GRACENOTE
Entertaining FUN
Everglades bird IBIS
Exploits ACTS
Fellows and gentlemen HES
Filmmaker Coen ETHAN
Fish snares NETS
Form of “to be” ARE
Fossil find, sometimes JAW
Furious IRATE
Go past tearing up WEEP
Great advice givers EXPERTS
Hard journey TREK
High wave caused by tidal flow EAGRE
Hip bones ILIA
Clues Answers
Historical periods ERAS
Humorous anecdote JAPE
Lake lure? BAIT
Like dental exams ORAL
Make a quick stop RUNIN
Mideast bigshot EMIR
More placid SERENER
Mounts, as diamonds SETS
Not just one of two BOTH
P, in Greek RHO
Person’s glow AURA
Physics unit JOULE
Polly’s sitcom role FLO
Puccini works OPERAS
Reapers-to-be SOWERS
Relief target ACHE
Remove, as a hat DOFF
Runner Down Under EMU
Send for treatment REFER
Shelter adoptees PETS
Slangy magical power MOJO
Small meas SQIN
Soften slush MELT
Some singing voices ALTOS
Some waist wraps OBIS
St. Louis airport LAMBERT
Tarantino film minus 5? THEHATEFULTHREE
Top choices FAVORITES
Trim on a butcher block DEFAT
Type of American ARAB
Unconventional OUTRE
Violent criminal THUG
Waters of politics MAXINE
Wee dinner droppings ORTS
Young state? UTAH
Zero longitude hr GMT
Zilch NIL