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Universal – Aug 8 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Buenos ___!” (Spanish for “Good morning!”) DIAS
“Here,” in Honduras AQUI
“In that case …” IFSO
“It’s so cold!” BRR
“Sing” singer Ed SHEERAN
“___ that odd?” ISNT
*Bushy-tailed creature with cool style? FLYSQUIRREL
*Dinner request from actor Gregory? PECKORDER
*Op-ed about a certain longhorn? STEERCOLUMN
*Organizer of a classic music convention? ROCKCHAIR
18-time Grand Slam champion Chris EVERT
23-Down, for example AUTO
Absolutely, informally DEF
Actor Daniel Dae ___ KIM
Angola’s capital LUANDA
Baaing ma EWE
Bank based in The Big Apple CITI
Belonging to us OUR
Boast BRAG
Bundle of grain SHEAF
Chihuahua’s sound ARF
Chinese life force within this clue CHI
Comedian Notaro TIG
Confusingly active HECTIC
Different from NOTLIKE
Dorm figures: Abbr RAS
El ___ (weather phenomenon) NINO
End-of-the-alphabet Nintendo princess ZELDA
Escapee’s cry IMFREE
Expose on the internet DOX
Former Cowboys QB Tony ROMO
Fuss in front of a mirror PREEN
Gamer’s excited cry FORTHEWIN
Grain-storing structure SILO
Grassland PRAIRIE
Greek war god ARES
Group of Algonquin languages CREE
Growth in a bodily canal EARHAIR
Gymnast’s garb UNITARD
High, like una montana ALTA
Historical period ERA
Hopping marsupial, briefly ROO
Indoor track racers GOKARTS
Itty-bitty bit TAD
Join (in) PARTAKE
Juice box brand HIC
Kept in the know via email CCED
Like a teenager’s bed, often UNMADE
Missouri neighbor IOWA
More well-done, as a steak CHEWIER
Name within “Felix” ELI
Obama or Biden, informally PREZ
Out in the country RURAL
Partners who broke up EXES
Personal Nintendo avatar MII
Place for touchdowns? TARMAC
Pressure, so to speak THEHEAT
Puppy safety org SPCA
Purple hue MAUVE
Roving person NOMAD
Shoe with a moderate heel PUMP
Soccer star Lionel MESSI
Sporty Mazda car MIATA
Steamy appliance IRON
Sworn statements OATHS
Theater chain AMC
Thumbs-up, to an astronaut AOK
Tiebreaker periods, for short OTS
Utters SAYS
Vessel for a cheesy dish FONDUEPOT
Willie who broke the NHL’s color barrier OREE
Wise, or a phonetic hint to what was deleted from each starred answer KNOWING
Word after “coffee” or “oil” FILTER
___ Angeles LOS