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Universal – Aug 9 2018

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Clues Answers
“At ___!” (military command) EASE
“But then again” YET
“Do ___ others as …” UNTO
“Frozen” character ANNA
“Great” TV event RACE
“___ as directed” USE
A Spider-Man foe ELECTRO
Actor’s resume listing ROLE
Airplane wing part FLAP
Be a good usher SEAT
Become frost-covered ICEUP
Bibliog. space saver ETAL
Boy Scout’s badge MERIT
Brightly colored seed cover ARIL
Bryn ___ (college) MAWR
Canyon’s return ECHO
Capital in “Czechoslovakia”? OSLO
Carpenter cutting corners? MITERER
Carried a heavy bag TOTED
Certain vegetable’s container POD
Change, as genes MUTATE
Charted, as land MAPPED
Checked-out thing ITEM
Coastal bird ERNE
Couch kin SETTEE
Director Ang LEE
Doctrinal holding TENET
Dodge, as a question EVADE
Duck, as a capture ELUDE
Face-off DUEL
Fencing sword EPEE
Fight card setting ARENA
Film unit REEL
Get ___ of (contact) AHOLD
Had today’s special ATE
Hand a ticket to CITE
Have requirements NEED
Headline a film STAR
Clues Answers
Hog food SLOP
Honeycomb part CELL
Ink that’s dry TONER
It’s after “anything” ELSE
It’s before “after” EVER
It’s for big shots? PANORAMICCAMERA
Leave out a vowel, e.g ELIDE
Like a killed dragon SLAIN
Like wisecracks SARDONIC
Lira replacer EURO
Member of an 1850s rebellion SEPOY
Nile River bird IBIS
Obsessed with INTO
Old-timey psychiatrist ALIENIST
One way to try ANEW
Part of a puffball GLEBA
Poem of homage ODE
Powdered beverage TANG
Recital piece, often ETUDE
Ridicule and torment TEASE
Rock to pick ORE
Sleep problem APNEA
Std. time setting GMT
Stuff to be filtered SMUT
Supremely elegant LUXE
The Almighty LORD
Too silly to consider INANE
Tree owner’s perk SHADE
Turn sour SPOIL
Untrustworthy one DISHONESTPERSON
Verso? No, U-turn RECTO
Vintner’s valley NAPA
Visit cost FEE
Way-old rulers TSARS
Wedding-page word NEE
What thin ice represents POTENTIALDANGER
Word over many doors EXIT