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Universal – Aug 9 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Field of Dreams” field? CINEMA
“Happy ___” (classic sitcom) DAYS
“Orinoco Flow” singer ENYA
“SNL” alum Cheri OTERI
2001 Tom Cruise film featuring a lucid dream VANILLASKY
Acorn producer OAK
Actress Dunaway FAYE
Air Jordan sneaker brand NIKE
Aloe ___ VERA
Ancient statue, e.g RELIC
Apprehension DREAD
Arm bones ULNAE
Arrange, as a blind date SETUP
Bullwinkle, for one MOOSE
Canadian rapper whose name is a vehicle backward NAV
Carry with difficulty LUG
Citi Field player MET
Close by, poetically NIGH
Club DJ’s track, or what can be found in 17-, 24-, 40- and 50-Across? DANCEREMIX
Common sans serif font ARIAL
Concerning, on a memo INRE
Cool, ’80s-style RAD
Correct RIGHT
Country southeast of Cuba HAITI
Danger signal ALARM
Deep black INKY
Dispensary regular STONER
Doctor’s org AMA
Does damage to HARMS
El ___, Texas PASO
Establishment known for its bad music KARAOKEBAR
Ewe’s cry BAA
Extremely calm SERENE
Fashion designer who created Polo (5 to 8) RALPHLAUREN
Fills completely SATES
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Fragrant compound ESTER
French for “state” ETAT
Health resort SPA
Hosp. trauma centers ERS
Japanese city known for its beef KOBE
Kitchen appliance brand AMANA
Magnetite ore metal IRON
Major mess SNAFU
Muhammad Ali’s religion ISLAM
Neighborhood AREA
Nine-day Catholic ritual NOVENA
Not have to retake, say PASS
Oddly humorous DROLL
One often stays in good condition after it’s cracked SAFE
Org. that has your number? SSA
Part of CBS: Abbr SYS
Popular nest eggs, briefly IRAS
Prefabricated dwelling (6 to 9) MODULARHOME
Propels a canoe ROWS
Round Table title SIR
Running behind LATE
Send forth EMIT
Show on TV AIR
Sty sounds SNORTS
Three-horse ride TROIKA
Three-wheel ride TRIKE
Time periods ERAS
Tools for fellers? AXES
Toy company with a California theme park LEGO
Turnpike fee TOLL
Type of milk SKIM
United Nations gathering (6 to 10) GENERALASSEMBLY
Valuable deposit LODE
Went blond, perhaps DYED
Western supply chain? (unscramble letters 2 to 6) WAGONTRAIN
What canyon walls do over time ERODE
Wiimote batteries AAS
Winter hrs. in Arkansas CST
___ Romeo ALFA